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9 Fun Moving-In Traditions for Kids: Making the New House Feel Like Home

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Moving into a new home is like opening the first page of a brand-new book. It’s a story waiting to be written, filled with the laughter of new memories, the warmth of shared moments, and the anticipation of a future yet to unfold.

Just as every book has its unique chapters, so does each new home. To help weave the fabric of your family’s tale in this fresh setting, consider embracing fun moving-in traditions that turn your new house or apartment into a home.

Whether you’re unpacking in a spacious house with a sprawling yard or an inviting apartment, here are some delightful traditions to make your move a memorable journey.

Fun Moving-In Traditions for Kids: Making the New House Feel Like Home

Planting the Seeds of Memories

For those lucky enough to move into a house with a yard, planting a tree can be a symbol of growth and permanence. Just like your family’s roots, the tree will dig into the earth and flourish over time. However, if your new abode is an apartment, you can adapt this tradition by starting a small indoor garden or tending to potted plants on your balcony.

The act of nurturing and watching something thrive can serve as a powerful metaphor for your family’s own growth in your new space.

Colors that Unite

Painting a wall in your new home isn’t just about choosing colors; it’s about putting your family’s stamp on the space. Let each family member select a paint color that resonates with them, and together, paint a section of a wall.

While this might not be feasible in an apartment with strict rules about painting, you can still achieve a similar effect by decorating a family wall with removable decals, photographs, and artwork that reflect each person’s personality.

Hidden Messages and Treasures

In the heart of your new home, hide a time capsule filled with handwritten letters, family photos, and small mementos that represent your move-in day. This treasure chest of memories will lie dormant, waiting to be discovered in the future—a glimpse into the past that your family can share.

In an apartment, you can adapt this tradition by creating a digital time capsule with messages, photos, and videos stored on a USB drive or online platform.

Songs of a New Beginning

Music has the incredible power to transport us to specific moments in time. Curate a “New Home Playlist” that encapsulates the emotions and experiences of your move. Play these songs as you unpack, arrange furniture, or simply spend time together in your new space. No matter the size of your new abode, music can create an atmosphere that makes the place feel uniquely yours.

Gratitude in a Jar

Embrace the spirit of gratitude by placing a jar in a central location and encouraging family members to jot down things they’re grateful for in their new home.

This practice cultivates a positive atmosphere and reminds everyone of the reasons to cherish this new chapter. For apartment-dwellers, this tradition works just as well, serving as a touchstone for expressing thankfulness amidst the bustling urban landscape.

A Culinary Celebration

Lastly, nothing brings people together quite like food. Cooking a first meal as a family in your new kitchen can establish a sense of familiarity and comfort. Whether it’s baking cookies, preparing a favorite dish, or experimenting with a new recipe, this tradition can be adapted to suit the size of your space and the available appliances.

Happy mom and daughter at their new home

Celebrating with Loved Ones: The Housewarming Party

A housewarming party is more than just an event; it’s a warm embrace extended to friends and family, inviting them to share in the excitement of your new beginning.

Hosting a housewarming party allows your loved ones to see your new space, feel its ambiance, and be part of your journey. Regardless of whether you’ve moved into a house or an apartment, you can adapt this tradition to suit your space.

In a smaller apartment, consider a cozy gathering with close friends, while a larger home might accommodate a more expansive celebration.

Decorate with simple, elegant touches that reflect your family’s style, and create a space where laughter and conversations flow freely. Your housewarming party isn’t just about the house—it’s about the warmth of connections that turn a new structure into a cherished home.

Happy family in front of their new house

Capturing Moments: The Family Photo Tradition

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a family photo taken in front of your new home captures the emotions, hopes, and dreams that come with this fresh start.

As you stand together, ready to embark on a new adventure, the photo becomes a snapshot of that particular moment in time.

This tradition works whether you’re moving into a house with a front yard or an apartment with a charming entrance. The act of taking the photo itself is a bonding experience, one that symbolizes unity and togetherness.

Hang the photo in a central place within your home—a visual reminder of the journey you’ve embarked upon as a family.

Inviting Good Fortune: Lucky Items at the Entrance

Welcoming good fortune into your new space is a time-honored tradition that transcends the boundaries of houses and apartments. Placing a lucky item near the entrance, whether it’s a horseshoe, a potted plant, or a decorative charm, invites positive energy to flow into your home.

In a house with a yard, consider planting a resilient plant near the entrance—a living symbol of growth and strength.

For an apartment, a small potted plant or a piece of art with symbolic significance can also serve as a beacon of good fortune. This tradition instills a sense of mindfulness about the energy you’re inviting into your home, reminding your family of the power of intention and the beauty of believing in the possibilities that await within your walls.


As the pages of your new home story unfold, let these moving-in traditions for kids infuse the narrative with laughter, love, and a touch of magic.

Whether you’re turning an apartment into a haven of togetherness or planting the seeds of a future in a house with a yard, the key is to make every moment count. Just as each chapter of a book plays a crucial role in the overall tale, these traditions will help shape the story of your family’s new home—one that’s rich with memories and shared experiences.

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