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5 Reasons to Move to Brooklyn Right Now

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Brooklyn, New York is full of some of the most beloved neighborhoods in the Big Apple. The borough has undergone quite a transformation in recent years, and patrons old and young are flocking to experience everything the not so little town has to offer. Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to Brooklyn and making it your next home:

Business Opportunities

Brooklyn is making a name as a hub for business and entrepreneurship. The neighborhoods are sprinkled with young professionals, artists, and writers looking to make a big move in the city. The relatively low real estate costs in the area make Brooklyn a target for up and coming firms. It’s also full of new retail offerings as the borough is comprised of over 10 unique shopping districts.

Financially Feasible

Rent and purchase prices are rising across the globe and Brooklyn is no exception. However, Brooklyn offers the most bang for our buck compared to some of the other more swanky New York City neighborhoods. The borough also has one of the largest selections in types of housing. Brooklyn offers something for everyone from studio apartments to larger multi-family units. In addition, the real estate market is booming and property values are rising. If you choose to buy, your property will continue to increase in value.

Room to Breathe

Brooklyn is also home to a lot of open spaces and grassy parks. This is unusual for the concrete jungle in New York City, and provides a more suburban feel while still offering all the amenities of a large city. Red Hook Park and Prospect Heights Park are two of the most popular spaces in Brooklyn. Residents can enjoy jogging trails, soccer fields, and plenty of open room for all your outdoor activities. In warmer months, the parks will showcase live concerts and other events you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

Sense of Community

Brooklyn differs from other stuffy pockets of the city because it boasts a large sense of community. It is not uncommon for Brooklyn residents to get to know their neighbors quite well. Neighborhood barbecues and festivals are common place in Brooklyn, but you won’t find that in Manhattan, Queens or other smaller boroughs. It makes the big city feel more like home and is a huge plus to the Brooklyn neighborhood.

Moving Assistance

Brooklyn’s popularity and influx of new residents has created a moving phenomenon. The neighborhood is full of Brooklyn moving companies and movers willing to lend a hand. You won’t find yourself frustrated or lacking supplies. Brooklyn offers everything you need for a smooth and seamless moving day.
Overall, moving to Brooklyn offers a ton of benefits in comparison to other New York City boroughs. Brooklyn can be quaint, offering something for everyone while creating a comforting, yet contemporary spin on city living.

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