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Tell Us You’re Moving to LA W/O Telling Us You’re Moving to La


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The decision to move to a new city is never easy, we all know that, but let’s get real, the excitement of starting fresh in Los Angeles is too hard to resist, right?

California Hollywood Roadway truck
Beautiful Hollywood road with Roadway truck, palms and a sign on the hills, Los Angeles

There are so many things to look forward to in LA. And it’s very easy to recognize a secret Angeleno just waiting to hop on the truck and move to LA. For one, they are eager to finally enjoy some incredible weather. Especially if they grew up in a colder climate, the idea of endless sunshine and warm temperatures is like a dream come true. People usually can’t wait to spend their days lounging at the beach, hiking in the hills, and exploring all the outdoor activities LA offers.

LA Skyline
Los Angeles downtown skyline from Griffith Park

Of course, LA is also famous for its entertainment industry. While not all of us are aspiring actors, there’s constant excitement about the possibility of being surrounded by the film and TV industry. So if someone can’t stop talking about it, prepare your tissues; they’re moving…

But let’s see how you can recognize your typical Angelenos. Just wait for your bros to start posting photos like one of a trendy pair of sunglasses with the caption, “Can’t wait to wear these all year round.” Or if they mention their newfound love for acai bowls and avocado toast. And, of course, all those palm trees; don’t be surprised if you see a photo on the insta of the swaying palms with a simple heart or palm emoji; that’s OG Angeleno right there.

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles
Manhattan Beach and Pier at daytime in Southern California in Los Angeles.

You can catch them wearing more pastel colors or trendy sneakers to prepare for the vibe and guess which city’s two hallmarks of the fashion scene are those.
If this doesn’t scream: ,, I’m moving to LA”, their love for the Lakers and Dodgers might give them away.
And if you hear someone using phrases like “West Coast, best coast,” or “Cali love,” you’ve lost them; there’s no going back for ’em… Sorry, not sorry.

Just make sure to prepare them to take the 405 at 5 pm to see someone, even though it might take them 75 minutes to travel only 7 miles. And sometimes they might have to take the 405 to the 10 to the 101 to the 110 just to go 3 blocks down the street. But that’s all part of the adventure, right?

Los Angeles Santa Monica
Sunset near the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California

Oh, and a bonus heads up; Make sure they don’t get a $65 ticket for not moving their car on Wednesday. That would not be a great start to their new LA adventure.

So if your friends got a hold of you, and LA started sounding pretty good right about now, your next step couldn’t be easier. You just pick up the phone, call us, and Roadway Moving will be on the way with that Cali energy to get you in the LA vibe. So get some Starbucks, relax, and let’s move you in with your bro.

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