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9 Best NYC Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

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When thinking about what a young professional needs, we think about places for networking and relaxing; we think about comfort and excitement!

Roadway Moving trucks
Roadway Moving trucks in the New York streets

So-affordable apartments, a reasonable commute system, various coffee shops for remote working, unique grab-and-go foods, a big market for rushed weekly shopping, and friendly bars for relaxing in the evening!

Did we get that right? If so, here are some of our favorite Millenial and Gen Z areas in NYC by Roadway Moving!

1. Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan- the classic

Located on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan lies this fantastic neighborhood! Yes, the name itself is also the name of the excellent restaurant located in this area. If you need to switch up cafe bars daily, this area is a jackpot! New places open every month, and besides that, you will have staples waiting for you. John’s Pizza and Five Napkin Burger will always have your back during busy workdays. For a lovely breakfast atmosphere, French bakeries will be at your doorstep, calling you with the smell of fresh pastry.

We know the drill, so don’t worry; Hell’s Kitchen has many fun bars and wineries for relaxation.

Another reason why we adore this area is the fact that it’s LGBTQ+ friendly!

Gentrification changed the vibe from chaotic and multicultural to fancy, but you can still find affordable apartments! When you get bored, you can walk to some of the biggest tourist attractions, since everything is nearby.

In March 2023 average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen was $4,160

Fun fact: Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil were all filmed in Hell’s Kitchen!

Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan
Scenic view of the buildings, people and traffic at W 40th Street 8th Ave, Hell’s Kitchen, Manhatten, New York City

2. Little Italy, Manhattan- charming and familiar

A more vibrant cultural scene is waiting for you in lower Manhattan! This area has a specific atmosphere, charming little shops, restaurants, and lovely architecture. It is a cozy area that feels familiar the first time you step in it.

This is one hundred percent the place where you’ll get the best food! Lombardi’s Pizzeria has been serving its incredible pizza since 1905.

Know that the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,950.

Fun fact: Once again, we talk about filming locations! This one needs its place! Little Italy was one of the filming locations for the movie The Godfather. Also, it is Martin Scorsese’s birthplace. Moving here can be your lucky charm if you are in the movie industry!

Little Italy, Manhattan
During an Italian summer street celebration in Manhattan, New York City, the bustling streets of Little Italy are thronged with tourists.

3. Astoria, Queens- affordable and eventful

With affordable prices and fun surroundings, Astoria is an area that 20 and 30-somethings flock to call home. Often referred to as ‘Little Greece,’ Astoria is where you can try superb Greek cuisine, pastries, and beverages! So yeah, the Mediterranean vibe is in the air!

Many murals will surround you once you settle in Astoria, so it’s a no for dull gray buildings and a yes for colorful walls showing the city’s soul!

During sweltering summer days, you can freshen up in the oldest and largest NYC pool in Astoria Park.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment here is $2,600! Yes, it is affordable, charming, and comfortable!

Fun fact: We should call it filming facts instead! Yes, Astoria is where Sopranos, Orange is the new black, and A Star is Born were filmed!

Astoria, Queens
Sunset view of Astoria, Queens’s Hell Gate and Triboro bridge in New York

4. Bushwick, Brooklyn- an energetic area that has it all!

Murals splashed on building walls, music playing once the sun set down, and wonderful smells dancing in the air- welcome to Bushwick!

In the northern part of Brooklyn, you will feel like you are on vacation 24/7!

Haven for millennials, this affordable yet eventful nabe is perfect for busy and energetic young people! Underground culture is going hard here, so be prepared to party hard and drink your morning coffee in the same street! If sometimes you don’t have the energy to cook a proper meal, you can check out one of many amazing pizza and taco places around!

It is perfect for art lovers since it has many theatres, galleries, and music venues.

Many amazing parks are available for sports and recreation, including Maria Hernandez Park, with basketball courts and playgrounds!

Another pro is that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,800.

So, yes, Bushwick does have it all.

Bushwick, Brooklyn
Mural art in Bushwick, Brooklyn

5. Chelsea, Manhattan- on the fancier side

Let’s talk about a fancier area on the west side of Manhattan! This area is on the pricier side. You can expect to pay around $5,000 monthly for a one-bedroom apartment!

It has its treats, though! A real treat is the Chelsea Food Market, which has many vendors selling specialties worldwide. This can be a fun activity resulting in many amazing homemade meals!

High Line Park is an attraction that brings tourists and locals, and if you move here, it will be your everyday spot.

Fun fact: Chelsea Hotel was once an underground hotspot for iconic musicians such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin, and Sid Vicious! After many constructions, the hotel is now a luxurious apartment hub.


View of 23rd Street from the High Line in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York.

6. Murray Hill, Manhattan- the hotspot

Home to many young people like yourself, Murray Hill is a hub for grads looking for a comfortable place to stay. You will be surrounded by some of the most important locations in NYC but still hidden from the noise.

This area is famous for its historic architecture, bringing a unique atmosphere and a chance to enjoy daily walks while running errands. If you are active, you’ll be happy to know that Murray Hill has a running path with a river view!

In this area, you’ll have multiple bus lines that will comfortably transport you wherever you want! This nabe will bring much-needed fun and leisure opportunities for weekends and nights. If you ever get bored, walk to the nearby Garment District or Midtown East.

You’ll need $3,980 monthly for a one-bedroom apartment to rent and enjoy this multi-practical nabe!

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Murray Hill by night, Manhattan, New York City

7. Greenwich Village, Manhattan

This one is special! For real New Yorkers and many undergrads thriving to be one!

Greenwich Village has been popular for hippies, artists, and intellectuals. It is also an important historical place for fighting for gay rights, being the site of the Stonewall riots in 1969.

Greenwich Village is a place to be! Once the sun sets, you’ll visit some of the most unique nightclubs in the Big Apple!

Since the location is the heart of Manhattan, you must be prepared for high rent prices! The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $5,430 a month.

The pro is the fact that the food is overwhelmingly good. Murrays Bagels offer a fantastic kick-start to your day, and Mediterranean restaurants will make sure your tastebuds sing! This is just a tiny part of what Greenwich Village has in its pocket!

Fun filming facts: All the TV shows and movies showing classic New York life were shot here! Friends, When Harry Met Sally, and Sex and The City. Once again- only for real New Yorkers and those who want the NYC lifestyle!

Greenwich Village New York
In the storied Greenwich Village area of Manhattan, New York City, a fall street scene is depicted.

8. Harlem, Manhattan- atmospheric and lively

Atmospheric neighborhood with a musical background is not for everyone. Once you set foot here, you will either love or hate it!

Soul food on every step, lively atmosphere in the air, and many cultural institutions worth visiting, Harlem is for the artsy ones! Interestingly, this area has been under many constructions and changes during the last couple of years. This changed its vibe, but some of the most important sites remain.

Apollo Theatre and The Cotton Club are popular music venues where you can enjoy your free days and nights.

This one is less expensive, with an average monthly rent of 2,400!

Harlem, Manhattan
Brownstones in Harlem, New York

9. Crown Heights, Brooklyn- brownstone buildings everywhere

In the central part of Brooklyn, Crown Heights has what you need! Walking, you’ll be surrounded by iconic brownstone buildings and many small family restaurants.

When hungry, you can always have a bite in some of the best delis and restaurants serving delicious food! You can visit one of many parks or the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for meditation and rest.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Street scene on Nostrand Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Since the area is served by NYC Subway, it will be a breeze for you to commute to your workplace every day!

In recent years, Crown Heights suffered significant changes, which made it a place for more residential buildings.

You will be happy to know that the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,300 a month!

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