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11 Richest Cities in Florida (2024)

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We were as curious as you are to find out which cities in Florida are considered the wealthiest, so we prepared this exciting list of 11 unique cities and towns!

There is not one affordable mediocre place on this list, just dreamlike waterfront getaways, and isolated, lavish towns some people call home.

Let’s explore all of that pricey beauty together, and who knows, maybe we will move you one day to a beautiful house in one of these cities.

1. Palm Beach – popular girl in class

We’ve all heard of Palm Beach! This city is home to many famous and exclusive beaches. It is a spring break location for some and a daily dreamy base for others!

Many billionaires have their real estate in Palm Beach, which shows that this city is more than wanted!

This is where many water sports are regular for its residents. The residents of Palm Beach have an average of $330 000 for their yearly household income.

Fun fact: Many celebs used to call Palm Beach their long-term home! Jimmy Buffet, Rob Stewart, Howard Stern, Serena and Venus Williams, and Judy Garland! Fun crowd.

Palm Beach Florida
Palm Beach, Florida, at Worth Ave at twilightt.

2. Miami Shores – a breezy bedroom community

Oozing with a bedroom community charm, Miami Shores is one of the most wanted places to be called home around Miami! If you are lucky enough to have $1.1 million for a house, congratulations! You’ll live in one of the most fantastic bedroom communities in the U.S.!

Bayfront vistas, aesthetically pleasing mansions, and many fun activities will make you and your family happy to live here.

This 90-year-old town has many interesting corners to be called home.

Miami Beach, Florida
Lifeguard Post on South Beach, Miami

3. Naples – the golfing capital of the world

Perched on the Gulf of Mexico lies this famous and unique city. Amazing white-sand beaches symbolize it and are considered the most beautiful in Florida and broader!

Shopping and dining destinations such as Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South are available for visitors. Visit it, and you’ll see what living there could look like!

We need to point out that the neighborhood of Port Royal in Naples is considered one of the most wealthy areas in the U.S.! It has the most millionaires per capita than any other city in Florida.

Fun fact: Did you know that Naples is considered the world’s golf capital? Yes! It has the most golf holes per capita in the U.S.

Port Royal, Naples, Florida
Town skyline of Naples, Florida, USA before sunrise.

4. Longboat Key – seaside enclave we all dream about

Only a few people can afford to live on a barrier island!

It is one thing to visit this place and enjoy its upscale beaches and restaurants. Imagine living here! Sounds expensive. Its residents can afford it since the average household income here is $186,000!

Residents of Longboat Key have all kinds of exciting activities available—waterfront golf courses and tropical-like long beaches for endless snorkeling sessions.

This city feels magical with its tiny waterfront neighborhoods and the sparkly blue Ocean you see when you wake up!

Let’s spill some tea! All these magical components are available if you have an average of $2 million to buy a house.

Longboat Key Florida
Aerial view of Longboat Key town and beaches in Manatee and Sarasota counties on Florida’s central west coast.

5. Pinecrest – a suburb of your dreams

A suburban village in Miami-Dade County is one of the youngest suburbs in Florida. Just a half-hour ride away from Miami, this village promises fun and relaxing times for its residents and visitors.

Upscale shopping and dining are a dominant sphere to look for here. Pinecrest Gardens are just adding to the magic with its 1,000 varieties of tropical plants!

The challenging news is that the median listing home price here is $2,5 million. With 95% of its residents being white-collar workers, the average household income in Pinecrest is $240,000!

Fun fact: The basketball legend LeBron James used to live in this fairytale-like suburb!

Pinecrest Suburb
Beautiful facade of a luxury mansion located in Pinecrest, Miami-Dade County

6. Parkland – an outdoorsy haven

This suburb of Fort Lauderdale is where house prices are double the national average!

As the name says, Parkland is home to magnificent green parks such as Pine Trails Park and Sawgrass Nature Center. Besides amazing parks, Parkland offers many outdoor activities on the pricier side, such as horseback riding and golfing!

Many pretty white houses are rowed up in Parkland, promising a lovely growing up for youngsters. West Palm Beach, as well as Miami, are both a short car ride away for more adventures that are waiting there. What you don’t find in Parkland, you’ll find there!

Parkland Florida
Lake in residential district, Parkland, Florida

7. Weston – a lowkey and charming place to be

In Broward County, just west of Fort Lauderdale, lies the City of Weston! Not long ago has this city seen the light of day; today, it is one of the most prominent places to live in Florida!

Fine dining, charming shops, festivals, and celebrity golf tournaments – Weston keeps its residents amused! It is located near Fort Lauderdale and Miami and can also serve as a fantastic bedroom community.

This is a fantastic city to live in in Florida, promising good quality schools and low crime rates. Here you would need an average of $4,000 monthly!

Florida Weston
Aerial photo of residential homes in Sunrise and Weston Florida

8. Southwest Ranches – an adolescent equestrian town

Southwest Ranches is a 23-year-old town thriving with positivity and fantastic landscapes!

When people imagine their perfect getaway town, they imagine Southwest Ranches! Home to many equestrian ranches and businesses, Southwest Ranches has its special charms.

Another important fact is that the town is relatively close to hotspots. It has peace, but some essential highways stretching to Miami are nearby.

For this nature-friendly and easygoing lifestyle, you must prepare at least $2 million for a house!

Southwest Ranches
Rancho in traditional South Florida colonial style, Southwest Ranches

9. Boca Raton – a wealthy hotspot

Locals call it Boca, and we call it everything you need! It can be a perfect vacation spot for those who aren’t lucky enough to call Boca their home!

Beaches, museums, shopping malls, and many excellent restaurants are lined up in this 32 mi² town, plus there are many pretty parks and some good theatre plays! It is a variation of everything.

This affluent area borders Palm Beach County, and together they make this part of Florida a pricey and fancy bit!

For a Boca Raton lifestyle, you need a yearly salary of around $92,000 and Roadway Moving to move you there.

If you are considering a long-distance move to Boca Raton from another city or state or if you’re already lucky enough to call Boca Raton home and simply need to move to another property within the area, you can count on our Boca Raton branch.

Florida Boca Raton
Boca Raton Beach in Sunny South Florida

10. Coral Gables – Mediterranean vibes!

Many historic buildings built in unique Mediterranean revival architecture are the prettiest part of this town. Located near Miami, it can serve as an atmospheric bedroom community for all of those working in Miami!

One of the wealthiest zip codes in Florida has a range of pretty beaches and outdoor activities at its resident’s hands! It is also home to amazing parks and botanical gardens, including the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

Without rent, a family of four would need $5,000 a month to live and enjoy everything Coral Gables offers!

Coral Gables, Biltmore Hotel
The Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables At Coral Gables, there lies the historic resort.

11. Key Biscayne – palms swinging in the wind

Key Biscayne is an upscale island south of Miami Beach and north of Coconut Grove. Its charms revolve around the fantastic scenic beaches and palms swinging in the wind. The other good thing is that just a short drive separates it from Miami!

So, yes, this coastal place promises an isolated and magical living. Its magic is also expensive since living here is 97% higher than the national average!

Key Biscayne Florida
Miami’s Key Biscayne is home to the well-known lighthouse at Cape Florida.

Fantastic fact: Biscayne has a National park with a worldwide status! Except for nature, it also includes visiting the shipwrecks for a complete feeling of past time!

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