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9 Safest Neighborhoods in NYC

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Picking the safest neighborhood for yourself or your family to move to is probably the first thing on everybody’s list of priorities. With New York and its bad crime rate reputation though, it might seem like a difficult task, but there are ways to ensure that you pick the best place.

If you live in an area where there are high rates of crime, then chances are you have experienced it first-hand. When looking for a new place to move into, look at maps and local news outlets for reports on nearby crimes. This will give you an idea of what areas to avoid.

New York Roadway family
A young family with kids in their brand-new New York apartment

Another way to find out the safety level of your potential new neighborhood is by looking at the crime statistics for that particular area. You can do this by going to the NYPD website and searching for the precinct nearest to your potential new address.

Here are some of Roadway Moving’s top picks for the safest neighborhood for you and your family in The Big Apple:

Murray Hill

This is a great place to move if you are looking for a safe neighborhood with plenty of green spaces and public parks nearby. The neighborhood is always buzzing with activity, and you’ll never have a problem finding something to do. There’s always something new to experience, whether you want to go out and about or stay in for the night. You’ll never feel bored or alone. The area also has some great schools, so it’s a good choice for families with children as well. The schools in the area are top-notch, and they provide a great education for children. This area also comes with easy access to subways and buses so commuting will be a breeze. You’ll be able to get around the city with ease, whether you’re going to work, school, or just out for a drink.

New York Murray Hill
Public park with people resting, Murray Hill, New York


Tribeca is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in New York City because of its convenient location and the wide variety of activities that are available. If you’re looking for something to do during your free time, this is definitely the place for you. There’s always something going on in this neighborhood, whether it’s a happy hour at a local bar or restaurant or an art opening at one of the many galleries located here. The neighborhood also has great public schools, so if you have children then this would be a great place for them to grow up in. The schools here are well-known for their excellent curriculum and top-notch teachers, so your child will be learning at a level that is above average.

Tribeca New York
Buildings on Duane Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City

Kips Bay

Kips Bay is bordered by East 37th Street on the south, East 40th Street on the north, and Fifth Avenue on the west. It is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Manhattan with only two blocks between First and Third Avenues, but it has a strong sense of community that makes living here feel like home. The neighborhood is full of young families who are always out walking their dogs or jogging around the park, so it feels very safe to move here with your family. There are also many shops and restaurants in the area, so you won’t have any trouble finding something to do when you want to get out of your house. The neighborhood is a great place for families looking for a new home. The people are friendly, and it’s a good neighborhood for children. There are many parks and schools that children can attend after moving here.

New York Kips Bay
People running and cycling around the Kips Bay park

Greenwich Village

The area has a lot of history and has managed to keep its charm over the years. It is a popular tourist destination for its many historical sites and beautiful scenery. New York University students have always loved living here because of the many activities that are available to them. There’s never a dull moment when you live in Greenwich Village, with new things happening every day. You can find everything from music festivals to art exhibitions here. There are also many great restaurants, bars, and clubs to check out. There is always something going on, no matter what time of year it is. If you’re looking for a particular type of event, you’re sure to find it here.

Greenwich Village New York
Fall street scene in the historic Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City


This neighborhood is close to some other popular neighborhoods such as Midtown and Brooklyn Heights, so it’s a great place to move if you are looking for an area that is close to other cities and boroughs. This neighborhood has a lot of parks nearby, as well as many shops and restaurants. It’s also got easy access to subways and buses so commuting will be simple and convenient. If you’re looking for a quiet place with lots of green spaces, then this would be the perfect place to move. There are tons of parks located in this area, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on anything. The public schools here are known for their excellent curriculum and teachers, as well as the wide variety of extracurricular activities that are offered to students. This will give your child something productive to do after school hours.

subway station
Subway station, Nolita NYC

Park Slope

Park Slope is a neighborhood characterized by its rows of stately trees and traditional brownstones in Brooklyn. It gained notoriety for being home to an open-minded population of families and young professionals. The neighborhood is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as a lively nightlife scene. You can find anything you need in this neighborhood, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or a place to let loose and have some fun. Crime is very low in this city, so it’s a great place to raise your children with peace of mind. It’s one of New York’s most famous neighborhoods, but it’s also one of the safest. If you like a little more action then Times Square is only about 30 minutes away by subway.

New York Park Slope
Row of Beautiful Old Brownstone Homes in Park Slope Brooklyn New York with Colorful Trees during Autumn along a Sidewalk

Battery Park City

On weekends, families flock here to enjoy the parks and waterfront views of the Hudson River. This neighborhood is one of the safest areas in New York because it has a low amount of crime compared to other areas in the city. Battery Park City is also close to many major attractions such as Times Square, Central Park, and the Lincoln Center. Residents often take advantage of the time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, and biking is a great way to get some exercise while also enjoying the scenery.

New York Battery Park City
Aerial view of Battery Park City and southern Manhattan’s Financial District in downtown New York City

Brooklyn Heights

One of the best things about living in Brooklyn Heights is that you get access to many major attractions without having to pay the expensive rent that comes with living in Manhattan. The neighborhood is also known for its low crime rate, which makes it a great place to raise your family. The area is patrolled by police regularly, and there are rarely any incidents reported. You can feel safe walking around at night, and there’s a real sense of community here. In Brooklyn Heights, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, shops, and other activities that will keep your family entertained.

New York Brooklyn Heights
Brownstone facades & row houses in an iconic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights in New York City

Financial District

During the week, the Financial District is a hive of activity, with Wall Street and towering skyscrapers. The area is bustling with people coming and going, and there is a lot of energy in the air. After work, young professionals flock to the restaurants and bars of the South Street Seaport and pedestrian-only Stone Street. The Seaport is a popular destination for its waterfront views and plethora of dining and nightlife options, while Stone Street is known for its quaint cobblestone streets and lively atmosphere. Despite its popularity, the area remains very safe because of the large amounts of police officers patrolling the neighborhood. This makes the area ideal for families and individuals who are looking for a safe place to live.

New York Financial District
Financial District downtown skyline with skyscrapers illuminated over Hudson River panorama, including the One World Trade Center

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