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Tell us you’re from Miami without telling us you’re from Miami

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How the hell can you tell who is a real Miamian and who is just passing by? Even worse, how can you tell who is a fake Miamian and who is the O.G.?

Miami Beach Florida
Lifeguard Tower in Miami Beach, Florida

Roadway Moving has prepared you with a list of crucial things only real Miamians know. You can use this list as a cheat code for becoming a local straightaway, and after that, all that is left to do is call Roadway Moving to move you. We are always ready for a real Miami adventure!

You are a real Miamian if…

  1. You must get a new horn occasionally since your current one is overused.
  2. You bring your cover-up and jacket everywhere you go since you never know when the ice-cold air conditioning will hit you!
  3. Hearing the words palmetto and dolphin reminds you of chaos and traffic, not a blue Ocean.
  4. Words that remind you of the holiday season are ‘Beach, ice cream, and Thanksgiving shopping in flip-flops.’
  5. You are proficient in Spanglish.
  6. You never know for sure if the night is gonna end up with a party or a hurricane.
  7. You remember all the club names that have been changed throughout time. You are boring to people with your ‘Oh, that used to be something else’.
  8. Partying at South Beach is the last option.
  9. You know about all of your allergies; not one can be a surprise for you anymore.
  10. You have a Cuban accent, and you are not from Cuba.
  11. It’s not ice cream; it’s the afilador!
  12. You have two kinds of flip-flops: casual flip-flops and going-out flip-flops.
  13. At least once, you tried to get into a watersport and failed.
  14. The party doesn’t start until 1 am for you.
  15. You named some of your unwanted pets- snakes, bugs, or frogs.

Florida Miami Beach
Helicopter view of South Beach, Miami

If these are implied to you, congratulations! You may be a real Miamian! We all know that rarely someone has been living there for a whole lifetime, but still, when a local is a local, you know it.

If you are moving from NYC to Miami or simply you wish to become a Miamian and move to the Sunshine State, be free to call us, we are always ready for a real Miami adventure!

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