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11 Things to Know When Moving to Yonkers, NY


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If you’ve been thinking about moving to Yonkers lately, you are not the only one. The City with Vision is gaining momentum regarding its booming economy and population growth. It seems that everybody figured out the good that goes with living near The Big Apple without the traffic and the crowd it brings. Ranked in the top 10% on the list of best places to live in the world, Yonkers is definitely drawing attention to itself.

Yonkers family house
Family home encircled by vegetation, Yonkers, NY

High-end apartments are rising near the Hudson River, and as time goes by, more and more is invested in Yonkers. Still, there is the greenery of the suburbs and an extensive range of options for work and leisure in the urban area. This all makes Yonkers a city that thrives in diversity and comfort, adapting to contemporary trends while maintaining its suburban charm.

We prepared 11 things for you to know before making the big step.

Are the stereotypes true? What do the locals say? What are the facts and statistics? What are the cons?

Meet your possible future home step by step.

Quick city facts:

  • The current population of Yonkers is 214,687, which makes it ranked 10th city by population in New York State.
  • The city occupies 20.3 square miles, including 18.1 square miles of land and 2.2 square miles of water.
  • The average annual household income in Yonkers is $90,984, with a poverty rate of 15.41%
  • Yonkers is located in a humid subtropical zone.
  • June, August, and September are the most pleasant months regarding the weather, while January and February are cold, rainy, and very snowy.

1. Location

The city of Yonkers is known as a hilly region located in Westchester County in New York State. It is considered the sixth borough of New York City. It is located just two miles north of Marble Hill, Manhattan, and directly to the north of the Bronx.

It is a perfect place for young people chasing their careers in NYC or families who want peace and a slower pace of life. Yonkers is an inner suburb of New York City, so you can always take a metro and be in the center of Manhattan in just 30 minutes. It is less than people living in New York spend traveling from work!

Yonkers hilly region
A typical street on a hillside, Yonkers, NY

2. Transportation idyll

Considering the city’s superior location, it is no surprise that people utilized the maximum of its transportation.

Yonkers has the second-largest bus system in New York State and the eleventh-highest rate of public transport usage in the U.S.! Everyone is using it! 27% of Yonkers households do not own a car. Why would they? For just $2.77, you can get a ticket that takes you from one side of the town to the other. A monthly bus ticket costs $130, saving you a lot if you use it more than two times a day and change routes. With Bee-Line Busses and MTA Express Buses, everyone’s needs are met. Yonkers is the most significant origin for bus trips in the Bee-Line Bus service area of Westchester and the northern Bronx.

If you are working in New York or want to spend some time there, know that Yonkers has two connecting rail metro lines. Hudson Line Metro departs every 10 minutes.

For local transport, it is practical to rent a bike. Warburton Avenue and Riverdale Avenue are well-used bicycling routes.

Another thing is that Yonkers is quite walkable once you get to know the city. Either way, transportation will be easy peasy for you. This is an immense privilege considering the heavy traffic throughout the States.

Yonkers bus
School bus circulating through the streets of Yonkers

3. Wide variety of neighborhoods

Every city has its representative, magazine cover areas, and some suburb and not-so-talked-about areas. If you want to go deeper into visualizing your life in Yonkers, let’s talk about some of its neighborhoods. Yonkers has around 37 districts and many pockets of unofficial ones. You can find everything -from high-end buildings near the Hudson River to the green suburbs, ideal for kids.

We choose the three most popular neighborhoods that differ from each other and some things for you to know.

  • Crestwood
    Starting with the cozy, suburban-type setting, we represent the Crestwood area. Here you can find houses with yards and greenery, a friendly and relaxed community, and peace and quiet. Located in Northeast Yonkers, this area is more expensive than the rest of the city. For a three-room and two-bathroom house with a garage, you would pay $2600 a month.
    Several Metro-North commuter railroad stations are located nearby, which is convenient for people working in Manhattan. This area is perfect for young adults seeking careers in NYC and families with kids.
    The beautiful Bronx River separates Crestwood from the village of Tuckahoe. This brings us to more nature-driven activities for your kids. For example, the Crestwood Country Day Camp provides all types of sports and activities for juniors, such as soccer, softball, gymnastics, basketball, karate, and volleyball.
  • The neighborhood of Getty Square
    Getty Square is considered downtown Yonkers. It is a civic center, central business district, transit hub, and growing area for living. So, If you want a miniature New York City, then the Getty Square area is for you! You will always have where to have your coffee and lunch and see many faces throughout your daily routine. It is where everything intertwines so that you will be located in the center of happenings. It has a high walkability score too! Bus stops, as well as metro lines, commute here, and everything is close at hand.
    With 6 schools and around 16 grocery stores, it is very convenient for raising a family. War Memorial Field is located here too. There you can enjoy the greenery or take your kids to the playground. You can run on the track field or play basketball in the open air. Since Getty Square is near the Hudson River, you can always have a reset watching the waters while the loud, busy area stays behind you. You can walk to the Italian restaurant Zuppa in the evening and then stop off at Yonkers Brewing to grab a beer.
    Here, you can rent a place for a price that goes from $1.390 to $4.500.
  • Northwest Yonkers
    Northwest Yonkers has its specific charms that will not leave you indifferent.
    Widely diverse neighborhoods are located here, and you will have much to choose from. You should know that this area is popular for its Victorian-era homes and panoramic views. The most popular homes are in the region’s east, and the most affordable ones are in the center. Due to its high safety rating and many parks and playgrounds, this area is suitable for families with children.
    If you want to take your morning walk, run, or have a cup of coffee in peace, you can do it in the beautiful Untermeyer park and gardens. It is one of the hidden gems, but very popular throughout Westchester county! There is no entry fee, and you can enjoy the greenery and picturesque views every morning! You can take your morning walk in Lenoir Nature Preserve too, or have a family lunch on wooden benches in the park. Your kids can go to nature classes where they explore all kinds of plants and ecosystems in the park, and there is always something new to see there.
Yonkers lake
Aerial view of wooden cottage in green forest by the blue lake, Yonkers

4. Educational system

With its 40 schools throughout the city, Yonkers is investing in its children’s future. All the public schools are under Yonkers Public Schools, which gives them coherency and unites all the neighborhoods under one roof. On the other hand, you can always make Yonkers your base once your kids start High school. Its location is perfect for that since the nearby Bronxville has one of the best high schools in the country.

Besides those schools here, you can find elementary Catholic schools and one Muslim school. Sarah Lawrence College is located in Yonkers, too.

5. Culture hub

For all the culture and art buffs, Yonkers has a couple of significant museums.

The biggest museum in Westchester county is located in Northwest Yonkers- Hudson River Museum! From Thursday through Sunday, you get to see fine art, science, and history pieces. There are always some workshops for adults and kids, and It is an excellent place to make your monthly routine since they have new exhibitions every month! You will see photography, paintings, contemporary art, science projects, and historical materials.

If you are interested in history, you can visit Sherwood house, one of the few remaining pre-Revolutionary War farmhouses in New York. It was built around 1740. It has an intense atmosphere, and it’s a must-see in Yonkers!

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site is located in Getty Square, and it is the oldest building in the county.

6. Economic growth

We have some good news for people wanting to work and live in the same city. Job growth in Yonkers is positive and still increasing. With a significant outflow of people working in New York City, a lot is left for the ones staying. The unemployment rate is 2.9% in 2022. Compared to the 5% unemployment rate from last year, the national average of 3.7%, and the state’s average of 5.9%, Yonkers is on the good side in this economic crisis.

If you are a medical worker, you could find a job in one of the highly-ranked medical centers. Those are St John Riverside hospital, Saint Josephs’s medical center, and Elizabeth Seton Children’s. Besides healthcare, developed industries in Yonkers are retail, education, and public administration.

7. Beautiful scenery and activities

We’ve already talked about the biggest parks and the museums.

There is more!

A big reason why people move to Yonkers is the surroundings. With more than 77 parks and playgrounds for hiking, biking, and exploring, Yonkers has havens in the urban. Tibbetts Brook Park is a weekend experience for the whole family. Beautiful greenery, woods, and waters surround the waterpark consisting of slides, waterfalls, and pools of all sizes. You would enjoy spending the weekend swimming and meditating in the woods. Pool fees range from $3-$10 regarding your age, and be sure to bring your county pass and an extra $5 for parking.

On the weekends, you can visit Farmer’s market in Van der Donck park or go to Ridge hill, where you can shop, eat and have coffee and macarons.

Untermyer Gardens, Yonkers, NY
Untermyer Gardens, Yonkers, NY. Stairs that lead to and from the Vista Overlook.

8. The cost of living can be high

Being in a New York suburb means having some of its expensive traits. Yonkers’s living cost is 23% higher than the New York State average. Also, the sales tax is 8.9%, and the U.S. average is 7.3%.

Still, New York City is a more expensive place to live in. With restaurant prices almost double than the Yonkers ones and the housing being 89% more expensive, Yonkers is a good alternative for the Big Apple. Los Angeles is 16% more costly than Yonkers, but utilities and groceries are pricier in Yonkers. This is still a lot considering that New York City and Los Angeles are in the top 10 of the most expensive cities in the U.S.

So If you are ready to sacrifice some of the luxuries by living on the doorstep of NYC, be sure to be smart with it! Yonkers is still an excellent place for spending your salary, and if you are working in Manhattan, bring your lunch from home!

9. The crime rate is low

Contrasted with the stereotypes that Yonkers is not a safe city, it is ranked sixth in the States for overall safety in 2022.

The safest neighborhoods in Yonkers are Getty Square, Northwest Yonkers, Dunwoodie, Cedar Knolls, Lincoln park south, Grey Oaks, and Lennon park.

10. The weather is chaotic

Located in the subtropical zone, Yonkers lives through all four seasons throughout the year. Every season is very loud and representative of itself, bringing wet and warm summers and snowy and cold winters.

Having all four seasons can be a pro for some people. Still, on the downside, Yonkers is a very hilly city, and it can be hard to navigate through snow storms. Yonkers averages 28 inches of snow per year compared to the state’s average of 30 inches. Regarding the rain falling all year round, we have an average of 38 inches compared to the state’s 30.21 inches.

The temperature in Yonkers is barely below 12 degrees or above 93 degrees.

Yonkers buildings
Yonkers, NY district with modern skyscrapers

11. Let’s talk about food

Besides commercial chain restaurants that do not vary much throughout the world, Yonkers only has a few places for a tasty meal. Locals are saying the bakeries could be better, and rarely is a restaurant ranked higher than 4.6 on Google. There is a chain of Italian-owned restaurants and some burgers and fries, but you will need to visit NYC for the real deal! The good thing is that you can always find fresh produce on the markets sold by farmers and people from surrounding villages.

Final words

You can make Yonkers your safe and cheaper base for a lavish lifestyle in NYC and a bustling career in Manhattan. You can move here, spend amazing weekends in parks and nature, and travel by metro wherever you want! You will get urban sprawl minus the hectic traffic other same-sized cities go through. Yonkers sounds like a secret not shared with many people. If you can find a neighborhood from a wide variety and can see calling Yonkers your home, be sure to ask your moving company for the moving details!

Of course, Roadway moving is there for any questions or dilemmas!

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