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What To Do While Movers Are Moving?

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Moving can be one of the best things you and your family can experience. After all, you’re finally getting into the house of your dreams, get a fresh start, and open a new chapter in your lives. Moreover, you have enough budget to hire movers to ensure all your belongings are transferred to your new home during your allotted moving days. So far, everything goes according to plan. Except, well, your old home doesn’t have stuff and your new things aren’t settled in your new home yet. What’s there to do?

If you’re wondering what to do while movers are moving, here are some activities you and your family can do while waiting for everything to settle:

  • Pack in advance. While it’s true that when you hire a moving company, movers are packing and transporting your belongings. However, it might be helpful on your end to also start packing or preparing things for them to pack in advance. For instance, it’s ideal for you and the family to set things aside that they may have to put in the boxes for them to be able to do their job much faster and more efficiently. That way, you can finish your moving day much faster and without any hassle.
  • Take note of what goes where. If you don’t have an inventory on hand, it might help to start taking note of what things are going inside your packaging boxes while it’s your designated move time. It’s a good idea to list things that are going in each box, or at least indicate on the side of the box what they contain in order to avoid getting lost while unpacking your things in the long run. This is also a handy way of sorting things out in order to send certain boxes to their respective rooms once you’re in your new home.
  • Familiarize yourself with the route and the requirements. If you’ve hired a full service moving company to move to a new town or private subdivision, you should check in advance whether you need to bring in permits or special certification to make sure the moving trucks and other vehicles can enter on your behalf. Try to ask if you’re allowed to bring fragile items into the neighborhood as part of the move, and if there are any payments you need to make in order to make your move successful. Not only does this save time and money, but this enables the move to go on smoothly as you know exactly what to prepare for. 
  • Prepare meals for everyone. If you want to stay for the rest of the move, you should probably start buying or preparing meals for everyone in the vicinity. You can use the time professional movers are using to pack in order to go to the grocery or your favorite restaurant to take out some ingredients and meals. It’s also a nice gesture to offer some meals to your movers, especially since they’re doing a lot of the heavy lifting during the move when you’ve hired them. 
  • Visit your new home to prepare for the move. Another great way to spend time while your movers pack and move your things during moving day is to save time and go to your new home in advance. That way, you can prepare where certain things go for when your movers start arriving with your things. It’s a hassle free way of securing all aspects of your logistics so nothing gets lost and confused along the way. 
  • Relax and dine out. If you’ve designated which boxes to bring and where to put them in your new home, and your family can take a breather while movers do their job. You can go to a nice restaurant or mall near your new home in order to bond with the family and just relax as you know you’ll go home to your things nicely settled and ready for unpacking. Movers can do their job quickly and efficiently if you also assist them during the first half of the moving process by giving instructions and then relaxing for the rest of the move as they do their tasks.

Make Moving Fun!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that you have all the capability to ensure your move becomes as fun as possible for you and the whole family. You can think of a ton of activities to bond with your loved ones while your movers ensure your stuff is moved to your new home. As such, don’t hesitate to go all out and bond with your family before you start your new life in your new home.

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