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5 Moving Supplies That Every Moving Company Uses

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Moving has never been an easy task. However,  there comes a time when you must move to build a career somewhere, introduce your children to new schools or to just try out life in a new location.

The good news about moving in this century is that there is almost every type of moving tool out there to give you a stress-free moving experience. Although the list is longer than this, here are the top 5 items your moving company uses to make your moving experience a breeze.

Moving Boxes

Boxes are the number one item you will see. Moving companies pack all of your belongings neatly and efficiently into moving boxes. The amount and size of stuff you intend to move should determine how many boxes your moving company will bring.

Moving Tape

Movers use 5 types of tape, 2 rolls each in order to conduct the various packing purposes fully.

Masking tape will help with the tagging of your belongings. Each box or any other luggage must have a tag. You want your boxes to be easily identified so that your transporter can take them safely. Remember, before all your stuff is mounted onto the moving truck, the moving company must record everything they are carrying. This is both for your safety and their safety. So that in case anything breaks or gets damaged, you and the company know how to settle it.

The alternative of masking tape can be using markers or colors to label your boxes. This also helps you to easily identify which stuff goes to which room once you are in the new house. You can decide to mark all the boxes carrying kitchen stuff with yellow and the ones carrying toiletry with pink. This way, once you arrive, each box will automatically be lifted to its appropriate location.

Shipping tape perfectly seals the boxes. It is called shipping tape because it is widely used for shipping long distance products without having them fall out. The tape puts the first layer before adding the final layer from a different type of tape.

Painters Tape

This tape is used at your final destination. Painters tape is mainly a decoration tape. It’s used to hang photo frames, paintings, and other wall hangings. If you hire your moving company to do the complete moving and arranging job, they will come with painters tape.

Duct tape, also known as strapping tape, it is the tape they strap over an already sealed box to ensure an extra seal. It is mostly used to seal large and heavier boxes.

Sack Truck

The sack truck has many names such as “trolley”, “hand truck”, “sack barrow”, “trundler.” It is one of the top moving tools every moving company uses. This item is used in warehouses, industries, groceries and also by moving companies for the purpose of transferring products from point A to Z. It works as the connector from the house to the truck and it works on both ends, in the house you’re moving out of, and to enter your stuff in the new house.

Bubble Wrap

Caution must be taken when moving fragile items. Bubble wrap should be used to pack glasses, dishes, china, TV screens, and all other breakables.

If you don’t wish to use bubble wrap you can use old newspapers, clothing, bed sheets, and blankets. You can buy bubble wrap at a home improvement store and newspapers at gas stations and convenience stores.

Lifting Straps

Once all your things are readily packed, it is going to be almost impossible to lift any of those heavy boxes unless you have extra support. Moving heavy and difficult items must be done with caution. Lifting straps are the way to go. They should be used to pull and lift your coach, television and other heavy appliances.


Although boxes may wear out after the first time moving, the open patches can be tightly sealed with strong tape to make them re-usable. So don’t throw them away, next time they will save you the hassle.

If you choose not to use a moving company to move your belongings you can rent moving tools from a store. The decision whether to buy or rent moving tools will depend on whether you plan to move often or not. If you won’t move for another 10-20 years, there is no need to buy these tools. The best prices for these tools are if you buy them from online retailers. The prices are cheaper and at least you have reviews to read before you determine the stuff you want to buy.

Let a professional and reliable moving company do the job for you. Contact Roadway Moving today for a free quote and take the first step to a stress free move!

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