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A 360° Guide for Moving to Long Island City

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Nestled on the far west tip of Queens, Long Island City is a sought-after neighborhood in the Big Apple. It has long grown out of its historic role as a manufacturing hub. Nowadays, LIC is a modern slice of NYC providing excellent opportunities for families, individuals, and businesses. Located just a hop across the East River from Manhattan, it offers a refuge from the exorbitant rent prices on the other side. Moving to Long Island City provides its dwellers a fresh new perspective of the City that Never Sleeps. There certainly is a lot to gain from making LIC your new home. But before you finally put your roots there, take your lead from the expert tips of Roadway Moving NYC. Below you will find useful tips for moving to Long Island City with ease. And, what to expect from your new neck in the woods. So, dive in!

View of Manhattans skyline
Long Island City provides plentiful picture-perfect views and sceneries of NYC

Moving to Long Island City at a glance

One of the perks that make LIC a desirable place to live in it’s the opportunity to interact with the concrete jungle on your own terms. Residing mere 20 minutes train ride from Midtown and 30 minutes from Downtown, all the while avoiding the stress of the city sounds perfect, right? Well relocating to Long Island City will be a dream come true then. So, the first step to take is booking your local movers and coordinating your pending transfer to LIC timely. This way you will avoid the pains of doing everything last minute and enduring unnecessary overwhelm.

Another important mission to complete before moving to LIC is learning as much as you can about your new neighborhood. Of course, knowing what to expect from your new environment will help you settle with ease and keep the moving blues at bay. So, below we have listed the most important things you should take note of before your Long City Island moving adventure begins.

What is Long Island City like overall?

Queens or the World’s Borough as it’s often referred to is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse in the nation. As such it reflects the diversity of NYC and it offers plenty to its residents. Thus, moving to Long Island City means that you will get to enjoy the excitement of a community showcasing the world in small. Withal, some of the best food in town is found in LIC. From exotic Nigerian to Michellin Mexican restaurants, to authentic Taiwanese and Indian dishes, you can explore the fantastic food scene to your heart’s contents, and the well of options will never run dry.

Long Island City provides some of the most fantastic postcard views of NYC. From here you can admire the gleaming skyline of Manhattan, or enjoy the scenic views of the many green spaces and parks.

This modernized part of the Big Apple is also well known for its lively arts and culture scene. And, you must have known this long before you decided to move to Long Island City. So, now that you have done so, be sure to prepare for the move well, and pull it off with ease!

roadway crew
In one of the most sought-after NYC neighborhoods, you will find a wide diversity of properties to suit your liking, all you’ll need then are reliable movers to help you out!

What are the housing options in LIC?

Long Island City is part of New York that changes at a rapid pace. This area has been predominantly industrial in the past, but this is no longer the case. Transfering to Long Island City means that you will have to secure your new home well ahead of the actual move.

The housing options in the queen of Queens are diverse. If living in one of the glitzy towers with majestic views over Manhattan is what you are after, hire the best apartment movers in town and secure a swift relocation to Long Island City. But perhaps the historic brown houses appeal to you more. Whatever type of property might be your idea of a dream home, you will find it in LIC.

However, have a solid budget plan, as the property costs in LIC are on the pricey side. Of course, they are lower than in Manhattan. But expect to pay more here than you would in other parts of Queens. So, to give you an idea, here is a quick comparison of the costs of renting or purchasing a home when transplanting your roots to Long Island City:

  • Median rent: In LIC this sits at $3,700. And that is significantly more when compared to the median of Queens, which is $2,300.
  • Median home purchasing price: Buying a home elsewhere in the borough comes at about $585,000. In LIC the average is 1.1 million.

Moving to Long Island City and the cost of living

One of the most important aspects to explore in-depth when resettling to Long Island City is of course the cost of living. The good news is that LIC is more affordable than Manhattan. But, this is not to say that living here comes cheaply. On contrary, the cost of living in Long Island City is among the highest in the US, and well above the average of Queens. The main bulk of the bundle is of course the housing. However, sometimes you get what you pay for. So, do not let the high cost of living discourage you from moving to LIC. After all, hopping over from Manhattan surely benefits your budget!

roadway mover
Get ready to move – and Long Island City will enrich your day to day life.

Explore the fantastic arts and culture scene of LIC

In the past, LIC has been an industrial part of NYC. But, those days are long gone, and the area is now known as a lively scene for world-class arts and culture. If yourself is moving to LIC along with your delicate art pieces, make good use of the finest white glove moving services NYC has.

Many of the factories in Long Island City have been revamped into prominent entertainment and art production venues. Let’s mention but a few:

  • Silvercup Studios is one of the most renowned films and television studios in NYC. Its home is the former Silvercup Bakery.
  • The Noguchi Museum has given a second life to what used to be a printmaking factory. It showcases the works of the famous sculpturist, Isamu Noguchi.
  • MoMA PS1 hosts exclusively contemporary art. It’s the largest institution of its kind in the US. In summer the museum turns into an outdoor concert venue where some of the greatest artists alive perform.

Withal, these are the top 3 we think you shouldn’t overlook. Besides, LIC offers much more! So, take your lead from our guide to moving to Long Island City, and further your explorations.

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