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Best Manhattan Neighborhoods for Families With Kids

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When you decide that it is time to move or you have a reason to do it soon enough, the hardest part is deciding what is the best neighborhood for you. This is especially true when you have to relocate with your family and your kids. So we are here to help you choose from the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids. And we would love to start by telling you to go and search for the best moving company NYC can offer. The thing is that you want to have someone experienced by your side.

How to choose the right moving company for you?

It is clear that the last thing you want is to realize on a moving day that your movers don’t have the right equipment or skills to relocate safely all your belongings. Still, how to choose the company that is experienced and you can trust? If you have a friend who moved recently, it would be easy to just ask for a recommendation. But this is often not the case. So have in mind that you will have to take some time for research. If you’ve decided t move to Manhattan, you should look for Manhattan movers. This is logical because they will know the best all the specifics of the are and be able to help you the best.

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Choose the right movers for yourself.

Always go to the company’s website and read all you can find about them. That will take some time but it is so worthy of it if you find the right ones. And if you are now living in New York, you should look for some local movers.  They will charge you less compared to those who are moving from a long distance. So have that in mind. Also, never skip on reading reviews that other people left. Their experience can be really valuable and change your mind.

So what are the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids?

The first and most important thing is to get as much information as possible, so your relocation pass as an easy flow. And that is possible. Look for some moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan if that is your situation. And since you are looking for the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families and kids, you can search for the best schools, for example. Here are our best tips on this subject.

best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids
These are some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids.

Let’s start with Greenwich Village

An ideal picture for the rising family is the one with a leafy neighborhood and Greenwich Village is just the right way. And the peaceful area that is, it is no wonder that people want to move there with their kids. Washington Square Park is so close and if you are a fan of live performances, you will enjoy some community gatherings. The New York University is situated in there, which can be really important as your kids grow up. And you will easily find many family-friendly events in this neighborhood. If you love cinema, the Angelika Film Center and a few others are close, as well as NYU Skirball Center. You will find there different kinds of shows that young people love.


People who like living in brownstone houses without burning a hole in their pockets will most likely choose to place their homes in Harlem. And the best thing is that you can still live in Manhattan and not spend your life’s savings on a cozy apartment for a family. In the northern part of the neighborhood, you will find a lake and a great little wildlife habitat where people enjoy fishing on the weekends. West Harlem is, on the other hand, known for its luxurious living style. You will enjoy there Riverbank State Park. It has a skating rink and an Olympic sizes pool where your kids could train.

Harlem can be just the best area for your family.

Harlem definitely is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids. Far East of Harlem is known for Thomas Jefferson Park which really is a major attraction. It has several skateparks and a very active community that gather often as well as a mid-sized pool. People who love museums will find them in Harlem for sure. The Museum of the City of New York and El Museo del Barrio are placed there. You will find in the pieces of permanent exhibits but also some displays of contemporary artists.

Washington Heights is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids

If you don’t have a very deep pocket and still want to live in Manhattan, Washington Heights can be just the place for you. The only problem there is that there are not many properties that are on sale there. People really love living there because their kids have large resources of books from the local library and it is well stocked. You can easily let your little ones enjoy the children’s room which is about 3,300 square feet large. But not only the little ones, but teens will also have fun there, too.

If this is not convincing enough for you, you probably won’t resist the beautiful area of the Hudson River as well as some amazing views of New Jersey’s Palisades. The area is filled with lashed green settings, no matter where you go for a walk. Fort Tryon Park and Washington Park are hosting events all year long. You and your kids won’t feel boredom. And you will always have something to do on the weekends. An ice skating rink is a place where families gather during the winter. You can teach your toddlers there to skate.

Was this helpful for you?

The truth is that you are the only one who knows what your family needs in a new area where your home will be placed. But we listed some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods for families with kids as well as the reasons why they are so popular. This can give you some ideas to start with. You can sit down and make your own list of the non-nonnegotiables as well as a moving budget. After that, you can continue your search in the direction of your wishes. And we wish you all the luck with finding the right fit.

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