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Moving From Brooklyn to Manhattan? Here’s What to Expect

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Brooklyn and Manhattan are next to each other, and it’s easy to go between the two boroughs on the subway. But Brooklyn and Manhattan are two different worlds. Brooklyn is a more relaxed borough with wide streets and an easier pace of life. Manhattan is all about big business and the bright lights of the city. Moving From Brooklyn to Manhattan can be easier with the help of Roadway Movers!


a moving truck
Let Roadway Movers introduce Manhattan to you.

The advantages of moving to Manhattan

Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan can de be done for many reasons. For instance, you might need a property that is closer to the place where you work, for example. Perhaps, you might be interested in the Manhattan lifestyle. You might also find Manhattan interesting because it has more high-end properties that might fit your interests. Whatever the case, you should think carefully about many factors when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan. There are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Manhattan provides plenty of career opportunities

Some people find Manhattan too crowded and busy. Others, on the other hand, say that New York City is an astounding achievement. It is a fact that there are many disadvantages of moving to such a crowded place. However, millions of citizens are willing to overlook the unavoidable drawbacks of living in New York City. The reason for this is that the advantages are simply too great to pass up. To begin with, the fact that Manhattan offers plenty of job opportunities is just too attractive. The top names in many business areas are all based in New York City. That is why you do not need to worry about finding a satisfactory job when you move to Manhattan. Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan might bring you lots of success career-wise.

You will always be safe

Although it might be surprising, living in New York City is not dangerous. The fact that a lot of crime happens there is mostly because of the fact that Manhattan is a huge place with lots of people. Bad things are bound to happen sometimes. However, New York City is ranked among the top 5 safest metropolitan cities in the USA. Due to the place’s size, you will never feel alone or in danger. However, as with all other boroughs, it is crucial to find a safe neighborhood and avoid those regarded as unsafe. The most important thing when moving is to make sure to thoroughly investigate the area before relocating from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

The disadvantages of moving to Manhattan

Apart from its good sides, moving to Manhattan might be too much for some people. Make sure to carefully consider all the drawbacks, too.

Living there might be too pricey

In case you are thinking about relocating to New York City, Manhattan might be your first choice. Different people react differently to all the things this place has to give. New York is definitely not for everyone. It is ranked as the 7th most expensive city in the world. Unlike the expenses in Brooklyn, daily expenses like groceries can be significantly higher. This is probably due to the fact that Manhattan is a considerably more social and crowded place than others. However, there is still a possibility to find a cheaper neighborhood where the cost of living will be slightly lower.

Crowds are everywhere

In case you are not a fan of noise and crowds, Manhattan might be too much for you. When moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, make sure to anticipate crowds and long waits everywhere you go. Moreover, constant traffic jams are quite frequent. This might cause trouble when going to work. People living in Manhattan are always running late. Waiting in traffic for two hours to arrive at your office is a frequent issue. The only thing you could do is wake up early and get used to crowds and traffic jams. Patience in such a place is always recommended.

There are a few tips you can use when making the big move between the two boroughs.

moving from brooklyn to manhattan
There are many advantages of moving to Manhattan.

Look For the Right Neighborhood

One similarity Manhattan has with Brooklyn is that Manhattan also has a vast array of neighborhoods. You’ve got a full array of neighborhoods out there to explore:

  • East Village is an artsy neighborhood popular among college students.
  • The Lower East Side is next door to Little Italy and Chinatown, plus it has an exciting late-night scene.
  • Greenwich Village is a friendly neighborhood home to some of the best bakeries and dining spots in the borough.
  • Harlem is further to the north in Manhattan, but it also features a historic culture, with the Apollo Theater serving as the heart of the neighborhood.
  • Clinton, or Hell’s Kitchen as people still call it, has a relaxed feel even with it being near Times Square.
  • Gramercy features some of the borough’s most beautiful park spaces.

Those are only a few of the many neighborhoods you’ll find throughout Manhattan. You can choose a neighborhood that fits your needs and interests. But you should also review a few things when finding a neighborhood to live in:

  • Look at how far the neighborhood is from the schools, business sites, or other places you will frequently access for work or study.
  • Some neighborhoods may have single-floor apartments, while others could have single-family buildings. Many of these are in terraced properties. Look at what properties are available versus your needs.
  • Check your budget before finding a place for living. Yorkville, Murray Hill, Inwood, Washington Heights, and Harlem are among the most affordable spots for living.
  • Be sure the culture in your neighborhood is something you will enjoy or appreciate. You may feel happier if you’re in a cultural environment you like.
  • Watch for the commuting features around your area. The odds are you’ll need a place near a subway or bus station, what with most people around the borough not having cars. You could also find a place near a bicycle path if you prefer traveling that way.

a taxi and a moving truck
Streets in Manhattan can sometimes be busy.

Watch What Influences Prices

Properties around Manhattan are more expensive than what you’ll find in Brooklyn on average. You could spend at least $1,000 more on rent for a one-bedroom property each month in Manhattan than what you spend in Brooklyn. There’s no guarantee that your salary for work in Manhattan will be any higher than it is in Brooklyn.

Watch for what goes into a property when looking at its value. Some of the things that can influence the price of something include:

  • Location – Neighborhoods near some of the busiest and most elite parts of Manhattan cost more for living.
  • Size – You will spend extra on a more massive property. Look at the number of square feet in your space to compare the price.
  • Functionality – Some properties have multiple bedrooms, while others might be studio apartments with one massive room.
  • Number of People – Some units allow you to share a property with someone else. You could have a roommate or two in your space to help you cut costs, although it is not always convenient for some people to explore. You’d also have to screen whoever you want to hire as a roommate, although that person may also screen you in return.

Every property comes with a different value. Be sure you look at what goes into something when you’re finding a property that will interest you.

Look For a Broker

One idea to use when moving to Manhattan is to look for a broker. A broker will help you find a property of interest to you and can assist you with the legal documentation and other points for your transaction. the prices range from 10 to 20 percent of your annual rent to help you with your work, but having a broker on hand for your deal can make a difference.

A broker can help you find a quality property in Manhattan that will help you find a good property based on your needs. But there are many other benefits that come with hiring a broker:

  • A broker can get access to various listings, including ones that most people around Manhattan cannot access.
  • The broker will help you find the ideal terms for your property. You can learn about the contracts and agreements for your property when you talk with a broker for more details on what works here.
  • Brokers understand what schools, businesses, recreational activities, and other features are in a neighborhood or other local area. You can use the details a broker provides to help you find a suitable choice for living.

Brokers can help you understand how each transaction works, plus you can learn more about your local area. A broker will be worth the price but be sure when hiring someone that you can find a broker that understands the region and serves your interests above all else.

a man carrying a moving box
Hiring a quality mover when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan is essential.

Hire a Quality Mover

Don’t forget about the mover when looking to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It’s often a challenge to try and move things between boroughs, especially if you don’t have a car. You can hire a professional mover to help you transport all those items to your new spot, plus you can hire someone who could find a storage space for your items before you arrive at your space in Manhattan.

You can use a few points to help you find a quality mover that will assist you when moving to Manhattan:

  • Look at the equipment the team uses when moving your items. It should have enough trucks and other materials ready to help you safely move your belongings.
  • Check how each group will handle your belongings. They should use secure packing materials and protective items, plus they should have suitable rules for how they’re going to handle everything in your space.
  • Check reviews online to see what’s open. You can use Yelp, Facebook, and many other platforms to find info on the best movers in the area. You could also talk with colleagues who have used these services before about what they recommend.
  • Some providers may also recommend different times for moving based on your schedule and what it costs at a time. You may find it more affordable for you to move during a specific time of the week, for example.
  • A mover should also be insured and have coverage to replace anything that is damaged or lost during your move.

movers carrying a box when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan
Have a wonderful experience when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Local moving can be easy with the right partners

Even local moving can become complicated and go wrong. There are plenty of things to consider. People who decide to move must be very focused and calm. If one thing is not planned well, it can make a chain reaction. In case you do not want that to happen, make sure to plan everything in advance. Hiring good local movers NYC will certainly make your life easier. Normally, it is not easy to pick among so many different moving companies out there. However, there are certain factors that can help you make a good decision. One of these categories is certainly the range of services a moving company provides.

Experience matters

You can use these categories to compare the top local movers. In case you are moving short-distance, there are certain aspects to consider. Namely, the experience should be one of them. When it comes to Roadway movers, they possess a lot of experience. This is especially the case with local moving. They know the place very well. If you have lived in Brooklyn, you certainly know that there are many things to learn about the neighborhood. The same applies to Manhattan. Moreover, they certainly know what to anticipate. With them, you will be able to relax and enjoy the move. Moving From Brooklyn to Manhattan does not need to be a challenge. Choosing experienced movers who are familiar with every part of the city is definitely a recipe for success.

Flexible moving services

One of the reasons Roadway Moving is one of the top local movers in NYC is that we first work to understand your goals and fears. This understanding helps us create the best experience possible for you and your loved ones. After all, this is definitely one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. It doesn’t matter what services you choose. Their experts are skilled at all parts of each relocation. Whether you require commercial or residential moving, packing, unpacking, or even storage services, they will put a smile on your face by handling everything instead of you. When moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, there are many moving services that you might want to consider.

Hire good commercial movers for a smooth relocation

When you need to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, the best thing to do is let professional commercial movers NYC handle your office move. Moving an office is rarely easy, and it requires lots of patience and will. Handling it by yourself might be very challenging and, in some cases, even impossible. Hiring movers is the wisest choice in that situation. Namely, Roadway Moving experts are regarded as one of the top moving companies in New York City. There are many reasons for that. Apart from being qualified and experienced, they have executed an immense number of relocations. They know exactly what they are doing. Their crew completely understands your situation and how you might feel. That is why they have decided to offer a cost-effective and stress-free process.

Your belongings must be in good hands

If you decide to hire a full-service moving company when moving your office from Brooklyn to Manhattan, good movers will make sure to make you forget that you are moving. While the movers are moving your furniture items, there are various things you can do to simplify their work. The only thing you will have to do is supervise the move and make sure everything on your moving checklist has been accomplished. You might do some packing, but the heavy lifting is left to the pros. Moving experts will take great care of your valuables, such as vases, bookshelves, and antiques. The items you want to transport to your new place will be in perfect condition throughout the whole move. You will certainly not regret hiring a good-quality and renowned company.

movers helping people with moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan
With Roadway Moving by your side, your belongings will always be safe and sound.

You would be able to start working as soon as possible

Relocations usually take a lot of time. Your business must be delayed, which might influence you both mentally and financially. There is no way to avoid the loss of money and time. However, what you can do is make sure that your relocation is executed as fast as possible. In order to achieve this, you might need to hire good, reliable and efficient movers. When relocating From Brooklyn to Manhattan, the right partners will make everything easier for you. The first thing they will take care of is timing. Business people do not like to waste time on necessary delays and unimportant issues. With good movers, the process of moving is fast and safe. You and your employees can start working as soon as possible.

Have a stress-free residential move

When planning to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, skilled professionals can assist you. If you need to choose among many residential moving companies, try to take your time and not rush. In case you pick Roadway Movers, they will make sure to satisfy your needs and criteria. Namely, first, they will pick up any boxes or furniture items from your current address. Next, the professionals will deliver them whenever you need them. Whether you are moving to an apartment or a house, rest assured that their movers will transport everything to your new home. The items are guaranteed to remain in the same condition.

When moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan, rest assured to provide a lot of packing material

The only thing you might want to do is make sure all boxes are packed, labeled and prepared for the moving day. Next, your movers will take them and transport them to the destination you want. In case you need some packing materials, such as packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc., rest assured that the movers have you covered. In case you have thought that packing material is not important, think again. Actually, you might need a lot of boxes and packing supplies. You will need them both for your huge items and your small possessions.

Professional equipment is crucial when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

Moving is a very challenging experience, and many things need to be considered in order to have a relatively smooth move. Without the proper tools, moving things from one area to another may be quite risky. It can lead to damaging your items. Moreover, it can be quite stressful to realize that you are missing some of your favorite items. In order to avoid all this, hiring a company with excellent moving equipment is crucial. This can be achieved by doing thorough research and hiring experienced and skilled movers. In case you choose to relocate by yourself, pay attention to providing good-quality equipment to assist you in your relocation.

a mover and many packing boxes
Packing materials play an important role when moving.

With Roadway experts, there is no need to worry about the price

It’s natural to be worried about how much your relocation will cost. Some people usually have a very tight budget and need to think carefully before choosing appropriate movers. When thinking about how to properly transport all of your belongings to your new place, the price plays a very essential role. Namely, if you do not do the appropriate research, hiring a moving company can be quite pricey. There is a variety of professional moving companies, and they all offer different services and prices. That is why thorough research must be done in order to avoid mistakes and issues. There are many different ways to reduce the cost of your relocation.

Do the packing and unpacking by yourself

Namely, first, you might want to decide which services you absolutely require. Tasks such as packing and unpacking might be too pricey. Instead, you can perform such chores by yourself. It is quite possible to pack and unpack everything. Of course, depending on the size of your property, hiring such services might be essential. All things considered, packing by yourself is a simple way to avoid any potential financial issues. However, when that is not possible, make sure to hire Roadway experts to assist you in packing and unpacking. They are skilled in all areas of each relocation. Packing and unpacking are one of the services that they are proud of. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact one of the best movers.

movers transporting furniture when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan
Do not forget to hire professionals to pack and unpack your belongings.

Final thoughts

Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan is a great and exciting experience. Since there are many neighborhoods, the best thing to do is thoroughly research the areas before moving to Manhattan. All this can help you to ensure a smooth transition. Make sure to consider all the advantages and drawbacks of moving to this place. You might not like the constant crowds and noise. Moreover, the plenty of job opportunities might be reason enough to keep you interested in moving to Manhattan. Moreover, hiring good-quality and experienced movers might help you get the most out of your relocation.

Finding a useful mover to help you move from Brooklyn to Manhattan can sound like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be rough when you consider us at Roadway Moving for help. We are New York’s top mover, as we provide support for everything you want to move. We offer quality moving solutions for all your belongings, plus we can safely store them in a secure area if necessary.

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