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Manhattan might as well be center of the universe. After living in Brooklyn and looking from the outside in, you’re finally ready to make that leap across the East River and become a true Manhattanite.

Only one stop might separate them on the subway, but Manhattan and Brooklyn can feel worlds apart. Even if you commute to Manhattan every day, actually having your home in the middle of it all is an entirely different experience and there are plenty of things to consider before officially making the leap.

Here are our top ways to get ready for a move from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Like Brooklyn, Manhattan has incredibly diverse neighborhoods, each with its own culture, transit options, affordability, etc. Get cozy with the mega-rich on the Upper East Side, or discover the grittier vibes and dives in the East Village. Every Manhattan neighborhood has pros and cons worth exploring.

First, think about what’s most important to you. Want an easy commute? Pick a neighborhood that is well connected to your workplace. Hoping for a place to stretch out on a Brooklyn budget? Nix pricey TriBeCa and check out more affordable spots like Hamilton Heights. By narrowing down your needs and understanding what each neighborhood offers, picking your top choices will be a breeze.

Get Ready to Compromise

Sure. Brooklyn’s getting pricier, but it’s still no Manhattan. With a median 1-bedroom rent of $3,350 vs $2,850 in Brooklyn, chances are high that you’re going to have to compromise.

We suggest going into the moving process with the expectation that you’ll have to sacrifice at least one of these things: Price, location, or size. Maybe you’ll get lucky and snag all three, but don’t count on it.

Living in your dream neighborhood might mean having to live with a roommate—something you didn’t need to do in Brooklyn. Or maybe the thought of living in a studio the size of your closest isn’t worth SoHo living so it’s time to check out Harlem.

Instead of scoffing at the thought of meeting in the middle, keep an open mind. After all, you still get to live in Manhattan. And who knows. Maybe you’ll fall in love with your new ‘hood, or even your new roomie.

Consider a Broker

Moving to always Manhattan comes at an expense—literally. Typically running clients 15% of annual rent, choosing to go with a broker vs no-fee is a pricey decision. It’s understandably tempting try and tackle the NYC housing market alone. However, picking a great broker is often worth every penny, and could also save you a few too.

To put it lightly, finding and actually getting your perfect Manhattan apartment is ridiculously difficult. Deciding to use a broker takes a huge amount of that stress out of your hands. They’re experts in navigating the Manhattan housing market. After learning your exact wants and needs, let them act as your eyes in snagging your dream home.

Professional brokers also get access to sneak peeks, connections, and listings unavailable to most New Yorkers. Don’t be another random name amongst dozens of hopefuls applying through Craigslist. Instead, snag those exclusive listings before anyone else.

Also, locating the right place at the right price is a broker’s job. Armed with your budget, neighborhood, apartment size, etc., trust their expertise to find better options at lower prices than if you did the search on your own. That upfront broker fee often pays itself off quicker than you’d think.

Finding the Right Mover

No move from Brooklyn to Manhattan is easy, especially since most New Yorkers don’t have cars. So how are you planning on moving your stuff to your new place? Via the subway? Or an Uber caravan? Also, do you really want to schlep your things up and down all those stairs?

Why not make life a little easier (ok, A LOT easier) and hire a professional local moving company that understands the complexity of a NYC move. It’s not just the heavy lifting they’ll take care of—it’s also the logistics of the move itself. A great mover will know the best route from Clinton Hill to Murray Hill. They’ll also understand NYC’s unique rules and regulations so you’re not caught off-guard on moving day.

So how do you find the right professional NYC moving company? First, off, hire a moving company based in New York City to ensure they really understand this city. Also, read online reviews from Yelp, Facebook, BBB, etc. Ask around for word-of-mouth reviews as well. Lastly, call potential moving companies and ask any questions you might have. This is a great way to gauge the friendliness and responsiveness of their team.

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