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A Useful Guide on Moving When You Work from Home

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In the last few years, a lot of businesses switched from their offices to work from home. This was necessary at one point, but some companies decided to stay that way. Or let their employees choose what works best for them. Of course, there are people who have always worked remotely. Having a space that you made into an office in your home means having an organized space with no distractions so you can do your job. When it comes to moving, relocations can always be a stressful experience.  And in situations like this, professional movers NYC can really be of great help. You will be able to focus solely on your work, while your relocation goes down smoothly. But before hiring a company, you will need to make a plan for your relocation. A detailed plan is essential in order for easy moving when you work from home.


Plan the date of moving when you work from home

As mentioned earlier, having a detailed plan will make your move very easy. This way you will get out of way the stress of the unknown. If you plan when and what will happen, you won’t encounter some huge inconveniences. And, when you work from home and are moving homes, this is very important. So try thinking of the best day to have your relocation. This would possibly be the day that you don’t have any work, or a day when this is not a huge problem for your work. Also, maybe you can let your company or clients know that in those days you will be moving homes. This way they will know what to expect and you will feel less under pressure. And depending on whether it is a local or long distance relocation in NYC, you might need more than one day to finish everything, so take that into account.

man reading tips on moving when you work from home
You should pick the relocation date based on your work responsibilities

Preparing and packing your things

After you made your plan, you will need to move on to preparing everything for packing. The best way to do this is to write down all the essential items you will still need. Start by packing room by room, leaving the things you will need until the last day unpacked. This way you will still be comfortable in your own home, and won’t have to dig through boxes to find what you need. It is also best to leave packing your office until just before your moving day. Surely, you can pack some items that you don’t need or don’t use for work, like decorations and other stuff.

For packing, you will need packing materials, if you are not getting moving company’s packing service. Things like bubble wrap, packing tapes, and of course boxes of different sizes. You can also reuse old boxes that you have lying around. Boxes should be filled to the top so that things don’t have any space to move around and damage. This is very important especially if you are placing more than one item in the box. You can fill the holes left inside with bubble wrap, paper towels, or some sheets, depending on the size. All of your electronics should be packed carefully, as all your valuable items, and documents. If you are taking big items with you as well, like furniture and appliances, make sure you properly protect them. If this is too much to be thinking about as you are working from home, professional movers will do all of this for you. Movers with lots of experience and training will take care of your relocation in a very efficient way.

people holding moving boxes
Make sure you properly pack and label your boxes for easier unpacking

Hiring a professional company for moving when you work from home

If you have decided to hire professionals for your relocation, are you wondering how to choose the best ones? What is very important when it comes down to choosing a moving company is the trust you have in them. So, do extensive research to see what would fit you the best, so that you are comfortable every step of the way. Looking into a company’s credentials is something you should do. This way you can see their licenses and be sure they are not trying to scam you. This is an unfortunate experience for a lot of people who encountered people like that. So, in order to be sure you and your things will be safe, check if they are really doing the job correctly.

After, another important thing is the company’s reviews. Hearing from other people about how the company handled itself when working on different relocations is a helpful thing. You can find reviews left by previous customers on a company’s website. Or, even better is having someone in person tell you about it. If you know anyone who recently moved you can ask them about it. About the company and the whole process and if they can recommend you what to look for. You can also call the movers and ask them directly the questions you have. This way you can get the feeling of people who are working there. A true and reliable moving company will be able to answer everything you want to know in detail.

roadway movers loading items into a truck
Hiring a professional moving company will allow you to focus on your work

Make your new office comfortable after moving

After you move into your new house, you will have all these boxes and probably will feel suffocated by them. This is why when packing boxes you should label each of them with the name of the room they are going into. This way once in your new place, you can take the boxes to corresponding rooms for less mess. Unpack important things first and try to set your office once again to be the perfect work from home environment. As this shows, moving when you work from home doesn’t have to stressful experience if done the right way.

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