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The Complete Moving Cost Checklist for your brooklyn move

Brooklyn Moving Cost Checklist – Moving to Brooklyn for the first time or returning after a year away can be stressful and expensive without the proper planning. Moving costs can seem like a bit of a mystery because there are so many things involved.

Roadway Moving has been moving people in and out of Brooklyn for over a decade, and in that time, we have learned a thing or two. Below, we have compiled a complete moving cost checklist to help you plan your move to Brooklyn.

The most important thing you can do to ensure a seamless transfer is plan early. Use the checklist below as a reference so you can estimate exactly how much your move to Brooklyn is going to cost.

Brooklyn Moving Cost Checklist – Hire reputable movers that understand Brooklyn

Hiring movers is the most expensive part of any move. It is best to complete this step as soon as possible because they can easily provide you with an estimate. They can also help you with your preparation along the way. The best Brooklyn movers like Roadway Moving will be upfront with you about how they produced your estimate. They will also answer any questions you may have and will be honest about variables that might make the actual cost of your move higher than the estimate.

Hiring highly rated movers can be more expensive in the short term, but the investment will pay off because they will not take advantage of you and they will do everything they can to complete your job professionally.

5 Reasons to Move to Brooklyn Right Now

Local Moving Brooklyn Moving Cost Checklist

Moving companies will estimate the cost of your local move in Brooklyn based on the number of bedrooms or the size of your possessions. Rates vary from company to company, but understand that you will be paying for the cost of the truck and for each mover by the hour. The bigger the job, the longer it will take movers to complete.

Long Distance Moving Costs

If you are moving back to Brooklyn from out of state, then your moving company will estimate the cost of your move using two factors: distance of the move and weight of your load. Interstate movers use freight trucks that will be weighed by state departments of transportation. Depending on the type of estimate your moving company gives you, the cost of your long distance move to Brooklyn might be higher than your estimate based on the actual weight of your load.

Housing costs for old apartments and new apartments in Brooklyn

Before you move out of your old apartment, you will want to have your security deposit returned to you. This means hiring cleaners and making repairs. Spending a little money up front will increase the likelihood your landlord returns the majority of your deposit.

You can then use your returned security deposit from your old apartment to pay the security deposit requirements of your new apartment. Moving to Brooklyn involves a lot of fees and expenses, so having some cash on hand will be beneficial.

Packing Supplies

There are many ways to save on packing supplies as you prepare for your move to Brooklyn:

1. Call your moving company. Sometimes they have leftover boxes and supplies that they would be happy to give you.
2. Ask your neighbors if they have some boxes you can have or borrow.
3. Go online, especially Facebook Marketplace, to see if anyone close by has moving and packing supplies for sale or for free.

You can always add Roadway Moving’s packing and unpacking service to your moving plan. They will take the stress out of moving day by professionally packing and unpacking your possessions for you.

Storage Options

We all know the date that your old lease ends and the new lease begins never lines up perfectly. You may need to find adequate storage while you are in transition between apartments in Brooklyn. The moving company you hire like Roadway Moving will also have excellent storage options.

Other costs of moving to Brooklyn


Your moving company will offer you various insurance options to secure your move to Brooklyn. It is important to purchase insurance because many unforeseen problems can affect your move, especially if you are making a long distance move to Brooklyn.

Moving Cost Variables

There are many legitimate reasons the cost of your long distance move to Brooklyn will be more than the estimate. Reputable companies like Roadway Moving will explain these reasons to you and let you know ahead of time so that you understand and will not be blind sided by the increase.

Tips for Movers

It is best to have some cash on hand for moving day. While movers do not work for tips, it is customary to give them one if you are satisfied with their work. Some people find it beneficial to tip their movers up front to motivate them to do a good job.

Hire Professionals

Roadway Moving specializes in moving clients in and out of Brooklyn. They understand the area and they especially understand the costs involved. Start your move today and get a free, no obligation quote by calling 212-812-5240.