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House hunting in Brooklyn: Tips&Tricks

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We all know that house hunting in Brooklyn isn’t easy. Especially today with everything that is going on and a big surge in demand. Finding a place in Brooklyn and in NYC, in general, isn’t easy, and you need to have a lot of patience. Finding your dream place can be fast or it can take forever, and you can be sure that you will see a lot of different and we can freely say weird places. You will have to adjust during your house hunting in Brooklyn, and you will need to prepare for everything!

Begin your house hunting in Brooklyn ASAP

If you are thinking about moving – don’t start planning a week before. There is a great chance that you won’t be able to find a place you like on such short notice. Also, finding reliable local movers NYC can be tricky. Before you can actually find a new place or find reliable movers – you will have to do a lot of research. Learning more about every part of Brooklyn, and finding reliable movers with good reviews. And when you add other moving activities like packing, decluttering, storage – you will need much more than only just one week.

roadway moving truck
Finding reliable Brooklyn movers can be tricky.

Summer in Brooklyn is hectic

Although moving and house hunting in Brooklyn is much easier during the summer if you can avoid it – do it. Summer is hectic and it can be really hard to find a good place in Brooklyn but also it can be challenging to find reliable NYC moves. A lot of people come to NYC during the summer looking for a job and that results in higher prices. Ideally postponing your house search in Brooklyn after November – do so. We know, the market will be smaller but that will leave you a lot of opportunities to negotiate and get a better price. It is much better to save money and your nerves than to look for an apartment in Brooklyn during the summer.

Set a reminder

Most of the rentals usually get posted right before the weekend. And if you want to be sure to check them all – set a reminder. Staying on top of all the new listings is the key, and the best way to do so is to set up reminders and email alerts when a new listing is added. Of course, that means that you can not wait. If you find something that you love, contact the real estate agent ASAP. When you consider how fierce is the competition – you need to act fast! Also, having some movers and packers NYC on speed dial can help you to speed up the process. Before you know it you can be in your new place in Brooklyn.

notebook and papers beside the laptop
Set a reminder so you won’t miss a thing when house hunting in Brooklyn

If you are house hunting in Brooklyn – have the paperwork ready!

Although this might seem logical, a lot of people disregard it. Applying for apartments in NYC, in general, can sometimes feel really overwhelming. And if you wait until you find your perfect place in Brooklyn to start collecting the paperwork – you will quickly realize that you can lose your chance to apply. You will need:

  • PDF of your recent tax returns
  • PDF of your bank statement
  • Photocopies of your ID
  • Paycheck stubs
  • Sometimes you might even need recommendations and a letter confirming your empleyment

Preparing all of this in advance can save you a lot of trouble and it will ensure that you can get the place you like. Also, it will give a good first impression! Also, looking for free quotes might be a good idea so you can know what to expect. That way you will be able to better determine your budget.

What is your budget?

Knowing the cost of your relocation can help you to determine your budget when house hunting in Brooklyn. As you probably know, NYC is much more expensive and different than any other place. A great way to better understand how to create your budget is by using the COL calculator (Cost of Living). It can help you to determine how much money you will need and what to expect, especially if you are coming to Brooklyn for the first time. We know that you can easily fall in love with some apartments and houses in Brooklyn, but you need to be realistic and practical. You need to make sure that you can cover rent, groceries, transportation, and additional monthly expenses. Think carefully about your budget before you sign a lease!

Is having a roommate option?

When living in Brooklyn, and in NYC in general you will often see that people have roommates. And they will all tell you that although it might not be ideal – it is a great way to save money and succeed in NYC. Splitting your rent and utility costs in half (or more) can really be great and it can save you a lot of money and nerves. Be careful when you start looking for a roommate. Ideally, that can be your friend or co-worker. But in case it isn’t make sure to talk with them thoroughly and agree on some basic things like location, cost, manner of living, etc. You need to share your living space with someone who is compatible and trustworthy. The downside of having a roommate si that you will probably need storage NYC for your belongings. Sharing an apartment means that not everything will be able to fit.

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Having a roommate can be fun

A virtual tour is a great option when house hunting in Brooklyn

A virtual tour can be a great way to see an apartment. Thanks to the pandemic, they are often an option. They are very useful and a virtual tour can save you a lot of trouble when house hunting in Brooklyn. Some listings have them posted, but even if you don’t see them you can ask the real estate agent. They often share them after requesting them. Of course, seeing an apartment live is always a better option, but with a virtual tour no matter where you are – you can look for an apartment in Brooklyn.

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