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How to Settle After Moving to Harlem

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Your move doesn’t end the moment you arrive in Harlem. It’s actually the post-move process that rounds up the entire journey.That’s why Roadway Moving NYC team is bringing you this comprehensive guide with tips that can help you settle after moving to Harlem with ease. The transition from an old to a new home is a time-consuming process, no matter how excited about the move you get. A skilled team of movers – like we are – can handle your moving endeavor and mark a fresh start of your new chapter in Harlem! So, make sure to give us a call and see what we have on offer!

Benefits of moving to Harlem

Harlem is one of the NYC neighborhoods where living is easy and affordable. Housing goes way below the national average, and it’s possible to find a decent option. Whether you opt for old-school or modern buildings, Harlem has it all. Rest assured you can find a comfortable home at affordable rent prices. All it takes is a little research and you’re good to go.

NYC at night
Once you settle after moving to Harlem, you’ll realize why it’s becoming a popular part of NYC.

Harlem includes lots of places worth visiting

Believe it or not, Harlem is considered a friendly environment for all age groups. Furthermore, artists, entrepreneurs, and others often relocate to Harlem, making it one of the most popular neighborhoods. What’s interesting about Harlem are areas with different vibes and cultures:

  • Central Harlem is where people come to experience Harlem’s cultural scene. It’s undoubtedly the most visited, densely populated area. It’s also the center of the rich history of African-American arts ad culture. Schomburg Center is where you can witness interesting exhibitions throughout the year.
  • West Harlem is favored by photographs due to its unique aesthetics, and proximity to the Hudson River. Some of the most beautiful houses can be found in West Harlem.
  • East Harlem is infused with Latin American culture. Shops, pubs, and local food stores are common reasons to check out this area of Harlem, and possibly practice your Spanish. People here are generous and very hospitable.

There are plenty of safe areas in Harlem

In the last few decades, Harlem underwent significant changes. Crime and poverty rates dropped significantly, and a lot of areas got a makeover. However, the so-called Harlem renaissance doesn’t stop. According to real estate experts, Harlem will grow to be an even more influential part of NYC. So far, the neighborhood is doing well and is already widely recognized for diverse cultural influences, jazz music, and so much more.

How to settle in Harlem the right way

Take a time off from packing and loading, and write down an after-relocation schedule. Divide it into the following distinct phases:

  1. Rest time – Keep in mind that moving is a super demanding process. Regardless of how smoothly it goes, you will need to regain some strength and energy after it’s done. That being said, leave unpacking for later. Instead, ask your movers to help you move in essential furniture, sheets, and other necessary items. Make the bed, switch your phone off and get a good sleep. Later you may order your favorite comfort food.
  2. Exploration – Start with the surrounding where you now live. Shop locally, dine at nearby restaurants, and see how people go about their day. If you love sports and recreation, check where you can have a nice morning jog, or a jump rope workout.
  3. Scheduling – Plan your activities and start living like an official resident of Harlem. The sooner you do it, the faster you’ll adjust to your new environment. However, don’t push yourself too hard. It takes time to start feeling at home in a new place of residence.

Should you unpack room by room or as soon as possible?

If you aren’t in a rush, then take time with unpacking. Speak with the movers that handle your move and discuss a storage rental extension. However, if you have to start working shortly after your move, ask your movers for help. It would be great if the movers you choose offer installation services, so you don’t have to bother with furniture.

painting and moving box standing next to sofa
The best way to settle after moving to Harlem is to unpack room by room, and decorate them as you want.

Here’s an order of unpacking that will make the process easier:

  • Essential furniture
  • Home office
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Other special rooms (game room, home gym, etc.)

You’ll still need help from your movers to move in and unpack all boxes. Before you dismiss them, think about whether it’s a good idea. This is especially important if you’re moving to a bigger place. That way, you can speed up the unpacking process and settle in your new place in peace.

Make sure to have all utilities transferred

Make sure your utilities are all set at least a couple of days before you finally move in. Also, make sure to contact an Internet provider on time. This is important especially if you’re working freelance and need the Internet as soon as possible.

Walk through Harlem as much as possible

It’s obvious that your life will get super busy at some point. That makes a perfect reason for you to spend as much time sightseeing as you can. The key is to know your neighborhood. As it’s already mentioned, Harlem has a lot to offer. After a long stroll by the Hudson river, you can stop by and have a nice drink or meal while jazz music plays in the background. Harlem is truly an entire experience worth giving a shot.

blue Roadway truck
It’s easy to unpack and settle in Harlem after a safe and smooth moving journey.

Give your new place a good clean and decorate it as you wish

Take time to clean your entire place. Place your personal ornaments, photographs, and anything that makes you feel at home. Put some nice pillows on a couch. Check some led lighting home ideas that can turn your apartment into a warm and cozy home, or even a party place! The time you spend personalizing your new place is an important step in your post-relocation process. That way, you are turning your new home into your private nest where you can work, create, rest, hang out with friends, etc. Only then you can fully enjoy your new place after you come back from a morning workout, work, and so on.

How long does it take to fully settle after moving to Harlem?

When you will start calling Harlem your home depends on your personality, interests, and other factors. Some people get used to their new environment pretty soon, while for others it takes weeks to completely adjust. Hence why you shouldn’t worry if you are homesick even two weeks after the move. Harlem, in general, has a lot to offer and you can definitely find your place there. It’s up to your to discover all the good things about Harlem and organize your new life as you wish.

In order to settle in Harlem the right way, you need experienced movers to help you

Your moving journey will take lots of time, energy, and effort on your behalf. That’s why a realistic approach to organizing your move is important. Once you plan out your move well, everything will run smoothly right from the start. The NYC moving market has some of the best movers Harlem NYC residents gladly recommend.

When to move?

In order to have a completely stress-free relocation, better plan it months ahead. Some of the best moving companies Manhattan has on offer get hired quite fast. So, start looking for the movers as soon as possible. Write down the list of moving services you’ll definitely need:

  • Moving crew
  • Storage unit
  • Packing supplies
  • Relocation Insurance

After that, you’re ready to browse moving companies and find the one that fits your criteria the most. Remember to do a thorough background check on any moving company you come across. You have to make sure it’s a company that works in the best interest of its customers from the very start. 

Roadway moving truck
Make sure the movers you hire provide all services required.

Consider special moving and packing services

If you feel like you have no idea what to do with the expensive piano, luxury ornaments, or clothes, it’s time to look for white glove NYC movers. They specialize in careful packing and transportation of luxurious goods. Once packed and later stored, they remain in excellent condition the entire time. The price of this service might go higher, however, it ends up being cost-effective in the end. You won’t have to pay for repairs or buy a completely new item, which exceeds the estimated moving cost.

What makes some of the best NYC movers stand out?

There are many professional Manhattan residential movers, but only a certain number of those who belong to the top 10. What makes movers highly appreciated is a full commitment to excellence.

That being said, here’s what makes a moving company worth the investment:

  • A commitment-free moving estimate.
  • List of various quality moving, packing, and storage services.
  • A friendly relocation team that works in your best interest from start to finish.
  • Excellent customer support every step of the way.

Take time to read what previous customers had to say

If you would like to know what local movers New York residents trust the most, go online and search for testimonials. Take a look at a company’s website, and other platforms like Glassdoor, Yelp, etc. That way, you’ll get more information about the way the company treats its customers and the quality of services they provide. Also, don’t forget to look up reviews that speak of the company’s storage units. You need to make sure you’ll put your belongings in a pest-free area that is under surveillance 24/7.

three friends about to settle after moving to Harlem
Hire the movers NYC locals trust the most.

Make sure to interview your chosen NYC movers

Simply make a list of NYC licensed movers with top ratings. Next, contact their offices and have a talk about all moving-related matters. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional clarifications and ensure the prices on the website are accurate. You deserve to have all information given.

Book multiple quotes and compare them

In order to estimate your moving cost, just book several quotes. Make sure the companies that offer quotes are licensed and provide services that agree with your moving budget. If you want a commitment-free quote, choose a non-binding one. However, keep in mind it’s just a rough estimate, which means the final price might go up. That’s why you have to have a slightly higher budget prepared, just in case.

Credible movers will keep it honest with you from the start

The company you book might have additional fees. However, if the representatives avoid discussing them, consider it to be a huge red flag. A truly professional company with integrity is one that clearly states all its

roadway company heart-shaped logo
Professional and trustworthy movers will also help you settle after moving to Harlem.

terms and conditions. Also, their staff is ready to give answers to everything you ask them about. This is what makes legitimate companies differ from suspicious schemes that cause worries and financially drain their customers. So, steer clear from any particular company that imposes fees as soon as the contract is signed.

A good plan and a specialized moving team will help you settle in your new Harlem home in no time!

To settle after moving to Harlem. However, that process doesn’t have to be too long and tedious. Every new life chapter starts with a well-executed relocation. That is possible with a helpful team of skilled movers who want no less than the best moving journey for you. After your move, all it takes is patience and time. That first period of adjusting to the new surrounding may be a blissful one. At some point, you’ll feel like a Harlem native and live the comfortable life you wish for!

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