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Moving short distance – tips and tricks


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Just because you’re moving within the same city doesn’t mean that everything will run smooth and you won’t experience a single ounce of stress. Even if you’re just moving a short distance, you will encounter a lot of bumps along the road such as looking for movers nyc who fits your needs and budget, packing more valuables than what you’ve expected and being clueless on how to properly label all of your valuables. Yes, all of these things can happen, and these can become the reason why short distance moving can become a struggle. Fortunately, the following tips and tricks can help make your short distance move a breeze:

  1. Measure your new space and everything you’re bringing.Since you’ll be having a short distance move, you’ll have the convenience of visiting your new home more often. Doing this will probably take you a drive for a couple of minutes. Take advantage of this opportunity by measuring your new house and the furniture you’re going to bring inside it. If you think you’ll be moving to a house which is smaller or bigger from what you’re living right now, make sure that you have the measurement. This information will make it easier for you to determine which pieces of furniture should you bring or not. You don’t want to bring a sofa which doesn’t fit in your new living area, right?
  1. Get packing supplies for free.Packing will always be part of moving even if you’re just transferring a few blocks away from your house. You will need something sturdy to put your valuables into while lessening the trips you’ll have to make. Moving boxes can easily be purchased from any local store in your area but why buy when you can have these for free? Yes, you read that right. Scout for local stores in your area which use boxes and inquire if you can ask for used ones. Usually, stores will discontinue using boxes which are slightly damaged. You can use these kinds of boxes for your move – so that’s savings and convenience for you!
  1. Decide what you can dispose.Moving can be the perfect time to purge on your belongings. You might have a lot of clothes in your closet right now, but this doesn’t mean that you’re actually wearing all of these. Most often than not, you’re still keeping clothes which are from decades ago or ones which were given by your relatives. Use moving as an excuse to let go of items which you are no longer using. This includes your clothes, pieces of furniture and even home décor. Decide if you’re going to sell, donate or give these away. Purging might be time-consuming, but it can do wonders for the success of your move. It’ll help you save on your moving expenses and avoid bringing items which will only collect dust in your new house.
  1. Bribe your friends and family to help you.Moving can be done in a lot of ways. You can hire professional moving companies to help you out or do everything yourself. These two are the most common ways of doing the move but if you want to accomplish many tasks at the same time without paying too much, call your friends and family. Tell them about your plans of moving and let them know that you need a helping hand. For sure, they’ll be happy to be with throughout the entire move! They can help lift moving boxes around the house, pack all of your valuables or look after your children on moving day.

The More Prepared You Are, The Better

Many people underestimate the responsibility in moving a short distance. They think that just because if they’re moving a few minutes or hours away from their current location, everything will be a piece of cake. If you want to be successful with your short distance move, you should start by erasing this kind of mindset. You should take a short distance move seriously so you can minimize possible risks involved – remember, preparation is key!

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