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Living in Staten Island feels like a different world than the rest of NYC. Some can’t imagine a more perfect place to call home. With tight-knit communities and a suburban vibe unimaginable in the other boroughs, this often forgotten part of New York City has so much to offer.

But for others, even living just a short ferry ride away from Manhattan—one of the planet’s most vivacious and exciting locales—isn’t nearly enough. Sick of sitting a stone’s throw away from the action, they’re ready to truly become a part of it.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to make the big move from Staten Island to Manhattan. Here are our top tips on making this NYC move a breeze.

Finding the Right Place to Live

Despite them sharing the same city, we don’t have to tell you that Staten Island feels a planet away from Manhattan in terms of community, culture, and affordability. Now that you’re committed to this move, how to do choose the right place in the City to call home?

Determine Your Budget

Before you fall in love with an uber pricey neighborhood like SoHo or Tribeca, it’s important to realistically narrow down your budget. Manhattan is a monstrously expensive place to live, even when comparing it to other parts of NYC. Expect an 800 sq. ft. apartment that cost you about $1,500 in Staten Island to be closer to $4,000 in Manhattan.

Don’t let these numbers scare you off though. Afterall, millions of people make it work everyday. But honesty about what you can afford—and likely a healthy dose of compromise—is essential for a successful future in Manhattan.

Once you’ve landed on a budget, it’s time to see what you can reasonably get in Manhattan’s different neighborhoods.

Find Your Neighborhood

Now that you know what you can afford, start exploring the different neighborhoods in your price range. Be sure to also consider your commute time and proximity to amenities and other things important to your daily NYC life.

Still not finding the right fit in your price range? This is when compromise comes in. Consider getting a roommate (or three) so you can live in the place you love and still make rent. Or check out parts of Manhattan you’ve never before thought about moving to. Many are surprised at the hidden gems they find at a fraction of the cost as more popular neighborhoods.

Also, though it’s a fantastic tool, don’t simply rely on online research alone. Take advantage of Manhattan’s closeness and physically wander around the spots at the top of your list. Note the vibe, culture, energy, and more in terms of actually living there—not just enjoying it for the day.

Planning the Move Itself

This isn’t your typical NYC move. If you’re a long-time Staten Islander, even a move from Tottenville to West Brighton is simpler than planning for most Manhattan moves.  The are countless more things you’ll have to consider like how to pack efficiently so lugging your stuff up 5 flights of stairs isn’t so strenuous. Or picking a smarter time to move to avoid that end-of-the-month rush.

Packing Up for Your Move

Chances are if your moving from Staten Island to Manhattan, you’ll be doing some downsizing. This will not only make for a less cluttered living space, but also a much simpler move.

If possible, start planning out your packing a couple months before moving day. Sort out piles of things to keep, to toss, and to donate. Then sort everything you’re planning on keeping into categories.

Once sorted, start organizing your belongings into boxes while being careful not to overstuff to ensure a fast, easy transport. Everyone loves a quick move, but in Manhattan, efficiency is everything. Don’t start off on the wrong foot with your new neighbors by clogging up the stairwells or blocking an alleyway for hours.

Transporting Your Stuff from Staten Island

That literal distance between Staten Island and the rest of the boroughs creates much of its character—and many of its drawbacks. This is especially true if you’re looking to leave Staten Island and make a fresh start in Manhattan.

Where as moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan only means a short hop across the bridge, relocating from Staten Island inevitably means more complicated logistics. Without some help, hauling all your belongings across the endless Verrazano Bridge and through Brooklyn, trekking through New Jersey, or carrying everything over on the ferry, will be beyond arduous.

That’s why when moving from Staten Island to Manhattan, we highly suggest hiring an experienced NYC moving company to make your transition an easy one. After all, isn’t relocating to what many consider the Center of the Universe already hectic enough?

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