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Moving Your Home Library – Tips On Doing It Right

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Residential relocation consists of many different tasks, from obtaining the necessary paperwork, and making an efficient moving plan, to packing and finally transporting your items safely. Your book collection may not be on the top of your priority list. However, moving your home library properly is equally important as moving other items. Although it may seem like a tedious and time-consuming task, it doesn’t have to be so if you have the right movers and packers by your side. And Roadway Moving NYC is here to help you out with moving your valuable books. We’ve prepared useful tips on doing it right by carefully choosing the packing and handling strategies so that your books arrive safely at the final destination. Read on and enjoy the process.


Moving your home library: Three people carrying boxes
Books should be handled with special care

The importance of moving your books properly

Whether new or old, books are precious. Thus, they should be handled with special attention when moving. Regardless of the size of your home library, moving it safely is essential. One wrong step and your books may get damaged, even torn. If you don’t protect them right, they can get wet and lose shape, and eventually, the text may fade away. Taking proper care of your book collection while moving may seem easy at first until you realize how heavy they are. However, moving your home library can be simple.

What is the best strategy when moving your home library?

Relocation is all about planning, and moving your home library is not an exception. So, the best strategy you can have is to make a list of your priorities. Decide which books you’ll move to your new home and which ones to declutter. Then, decide which books to pack first. Next, organize your books according to the book inventory list. There are several ways to handle them. First, categorize the books based on their size or shape. Pay attention to separate boos with hard covered from paper books. Also, you can single out the books based on the genre, so you save time unpacking and arranging them on the shelves after the move. The most important thing is to pay special attention to valuable vintage books since they are fragile. After you’ve made a list of your books, you can start packing, which is a more difficult task.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Your residential movers New York are here to help you, so stay with us and find out how to pack your collection of books in the best possible way.

How to pack your books

Packing is one of the most demanding relocation tasks, especially when moving your home library. Books are pretty heavy, so you should think of the best way to pack them up without overloading the moving boxes. And here are some useful tips on how to pack your books safely:

  • Choose the boxes wisely: You don’t want your books to fall out of the box while moving. So, choose the right moving boxes. Always use a small or medium-sized box that doesn’t go over 40lbs. The boxes should be sturdy enough to withstand the load of your books.
  • Pack the books carefully: You can lay books flat or pack them vertically. The best way is to pack the spine of the book down to avoid damage.
  • Double-tape the bottom of the box with high-quality tape to secure it from opening during carrying and transport.
  • Cover the inside of the box with packing paper.
  • Wrap your books with waterproof material in case the box gets wet during the move.
  • Label the moving boxes properly so that your movers know how to lift them.
  • Hire professional packers: Use professional packing services NYC and ensure the safety of your books.

Professional movers moving your home library
Choosing the right-sized and strong box is the key to a safe book transportation

Treat valuables differently

Books of great value, such as vintage books or first editions, require a special packing strategy. Each of them should be wrapped separately. Sheathe the books with paper or waterproof cover to protect them from damage. Pack the books placing the spine down. However, don’t forget to use unbendable cardboard in between in order to keep the spines straight and prevent movement. Also, secure the box before placing the books. Use bubble or foam wrap to coat the box before packing. If you want ​to save money, use the materials you already have at home, such as linens, to keep the books safe. This way, you’ll also have a greener move. However, you should consider hiring professional packers to handle the books of great value since they’ll choose the safest and greenest packing solution at an affordable price.

How to pack bookshelves

You’ve packed your books up. Great job. However, moving your home library is not over yet. You should think of a way to pack your home library furniture, specifically bookshelves. And bookshelves usually use a lot of space in the moving truck. So, try disassembling them if possible. It will save you a lot of space, and it will be easier to transport them. After dismantling a bookcase, wrap it in a furniture blanket, paying special attention to the corners and edges. By doing so, you’ll prevent scratching, chipping, and other damage. Wonder how to disassemble a bookcase? Use the following tips:

  • Remove the glass doors first
  • Next, remove the shelves
  • Unscrew the legs of your bookcase has ones
  • Detach the top side board of the bookcase and then remove the sideboards
  • If you have an instruction manual, use it. If not, take photos of every step so you can reassemble it again.
  • However, the best and safest way to pack a bookcase is to hire professional movers and packers to disassemble your furniture.

A professional mover loading the boxes into a moving truck
Moving your home library is now easier with Roadway Moving NYC

Hire professionals for moving your home library

The best thing you can do when moving your home library is to hire moving professionals to take care of this moving task. Books are priceless and require special attention. Thus, they cannot be entrusted to whoever. You should choose your movers smartly. And whom better to hire than Roadway Movers NYC, who are experienced and specialized for this type of move. We are here to ensure the safety of your home library. So, choose a nicer way to move, contact us, get your moving quote, and move like a pro.


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