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Turning Bed Moving Into a Worry-Free Move

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How to move a bed? Roadway Moving’s Tips and Tricks

Moving a bed often requires more effort and planning than one might initially anticipate. As you prepare to embark on this furniture-moving journey, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not merely about lifting a mattress and a frame; it’s about ensuring a seamless transition for perhaps the most important piece of furniture in the home. Since everyone needs a good night’s sleep in order to function well the next day!

Absolutely, utilizing professional moving services like Roadway Moving can be a game-changer when it comes to relocating your bed, and the entire moving process, in fact. Our expertise can not only save you a significant amount of time but also spare you the stress and physical effort that often comes with moving heavy furniture like beds. With Roadway Moving’s help, you can sit back, relax, and trust in our experienced team to handle all the intricate steps involved in moving your bed efficiently and safely. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, our services can make the transition to your new sleeping quarters a breeze, allowing you to focus on settling into your new space without the usual hassles and worries of moving.

Steps of moving a bed

Our movers not only make sure the bed is disassembled and carefully prepared for the move. We also pack all parts with protective blankets and then label the parts. Taking a bed apart and preparing it for a move involves several steps.
Here is a detailed guide on what to do or what Roadway’s movers can do for you:

Gather Tools and Supplies:

  • Screwdriver or allen wrench (for removing screws or bolts).
  • Ziplock bags or small containers (for hardware).
  • Tape (to label bags/containers).
  • Plastic wrap or bubble wrap.
  • Furniture blankets or moving pads.

Remove Bedding and Clear the Area:

  • Strip the bed of all bedding, including sheets, pillows, blankets, and duvets.
  • Put bedding in boxes and or bags.
  • Clear the space around the bed, removing any obstacles that could impede the disassembly process

Remove the Mattress and Box Spring:

  • Lift and set aside the mattress and box spring, placing them in a safe, clean area.

Disassemble the Frame:

  • Use your screwdriver or allen wrench to remove any screws, bolts, or connectors holding the frame together.
  • Keep track of the hardware by placing it in labeled ziplock bags or containers. It’s crucial to be organized to avoid losing pieces.

Separate Headboard and Footboard:

  • If your bed has a headboard and footboard, carefully remove them from the frame.
  • Store any associated hardware in separate bags or boxes and label them accordingly.

Disassemble Slats or Support System:

  • If your bed has slats or a specific support system, remove them.
  • Ensure they are labeled and bundled together for easy reassembly.

Protect Fragile Parts, Frame and Components:

  • Wrap fragile or decorative components, such as finials or ornate bedposts, in bubble wrap or furniture blankets to prevent damage during transit.
  • Cover the frame pieces, headboard, footboard, and any other disassembled parts with furniture blankets or bubble wrap to prevent scratches and damage.

Secure Hardware and Wrap the frame:

  • Tape the bags or containers with hardware securely to one of the frame pieces or another component to keep them organized and easily accessible.
  • Use plastic wrap or bubble wrap to secure the disassembled frame parts together.
  • This will help prevent them from shifting or getting separated during the move.

Unload and Reassemble:

  • Carefully unload the bed components at your new location.
  • Follow the reverse steps for reassembly, using the labeled hardware bags to guide yoU.

Make, Set Up and Enjoy Your Bed:

  • Once the frame is reassembled, lay the mattress and box spring on it.
  • Reattach the headboard, footboard, slats, or other components as necessary.
  • Finally, make your bed with fresh bedding and enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new space.

Roadway can help you out! 

As you can see, moving a bed takes time and involves many steps. We fully understand that you prefer to outsource this type of task. Roadway Moving is happy to assist you in this regard, whether you are moving locally or long-distance! Don’t do a DIY move, get a quote now and let us handle everything!

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