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Moving is a stressful event for anyone. Between packing, finding a new place to live, setting up all necessary services, making phone calls to confirm appointments and paying necessary deposits, a moving to-do list can seem never-ending. Another puzzling predicament that can arise is how to properly pack valuable items. This is where white glove moving services enter the picture — they can complete these tasks and more when you opt to use them. A white glove moving service is an excellent choice for people who want the experience of a flawless, stress-free moving process.

What Is A White Glove Moving Service?

So what is white glove? A bit more luxurious than just hiring movers and a standard moving truck, a white glove moving service handles your possessions with the utmost white glove care. We pay special attention to fragile items and devise solutions for properly packing paintings, antiques, glass items and expensive furniture. We also have climate-controlled trucks to ensure temperature-sensitive items such as electronics, wine, and musical instruments arrive in excellent condition.

This type of moving assistance is unlike any other moving service available. We provide custom crates for fine art, marble objects, and are able to safely take apart oversized custom furniture and then reassemble it at your new home.

Complete Door-To-Door Service

White glove moving service takes care of properly packing and shipping your belongings, so you can focus on other important matters that pertain to your move. White glove moving is not limited to just the packing and unpacking of valuables, either — we’ll handle packing of all your belongings, including kitchen items, electronics, clothes and bedroom furniture. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the entire moving process remains a stress-free experience for you.


We provide cleaning services for your new home before you move in as well as after you’ve moved out of your old home. Any required trash removal can be handled to ensure everything is left in pristine condition.


White glove moving service also includes setup of your electronics and computer components at your new home. Your TV, speakers and entire entertainment system can be dismantled and reinstalled properly at your new place, along with any IT components.

In addition, furniture can be assembled and positioned exactly where you want in each room. We can set up pianos, sculptures and other valuables, and ensure delicate, expensive items are handled with care.

Is It Worth It?

In a word, absolutely. White glove moving service takes the stressful load of packing, unpacking and transporting fragile items off of your shoulders and puts it in the hands of competent professional movers who are experts at handling luxury items. This enables you to focus on other details, such as getting settled in your brand new place.

Give us a call today for a free estimate or book a consultation online and let us know what services you need. We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service to ensure your move proceeds as smoothly as possible!

Tom Philips

Thomas Philips is a writer and content marketer with a keen interest in the moving industry. As a travel enthusiast and logistics expert by training, Thomas has been working with various moving companies for the past 16 years. He currently writes for Roadway Moving and applies his expertise through his written works. Thomas makes it a point to give practical moving advice to both clients and readers to help transform their moving experience into an unforgettable one