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Can You Hire NYC Movers To Take Stuff To Storage?


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Most people think that movers focus specifically on helping people pack items, move them to a new location, and then unpack those belongings. But movers can do more than this, as they can also help people with their storage needs. They can help you bring your possessions to a storage location and secure them while you move. You’ll have access to your items at any time, or you can ask a mover to bring them from the storage site to your new living space.

You might not consider storage services when moving, but there are many instances when you might need them:

• You’ll require a storage solution if you’re moving a long distance. You may need to store your items somewhere until you can complete your travels to your new location.
• A new property may not be fully ready for move-in after you leave your old place. A storage service can help you protect your items and keep them safe before your new spot is open.
• You may need help figuring out how you’re going to move all your items around your new property. A mover can help you access a storage site where you can sort those items and keep them in one place.
• Some of your items may be too valuable to move with the other things in your shipment. These include fine art pieces, high-end furniture, and massive recreational items like pianos or pool tables.
Many movers can offer storage services that will help you keep your belongings safe for your move. This feature is convenient and helpful for many of your needs, but it helps to note how you’ll find a storage solution. There are a few tips to see when looking at a mover’s services:

1. Does the mover offer a dedicated storage site, or does that mover have an agreement with an outside party?

Not all moving companies have dedicated storage spaces when you can keep your items somewhere. They may have partnerships with outside entities to get access to their storage areas. These include local storage providers that offer various service units for your convenience. Ask about whatever outside organizations will offer through these storage spots and how they operate. Make sure these teams provide storage solutions that you’re comfortable using for your needs.
Look for reviews on all these outside storage companies. You should vet them the same way as you would do for a mover. The separate company should be experienced and functional for your needs, but it should also provide enough security for your work.

2. For cases where you’d have to work with an outside party for the storage needs, will you still have one single bill?

Moving companies that partner with other storage teams will often add the storage company’s charges to one’s moving bills. Instead of paying two separate bills, you would pay a combined bill that includes both of these services in one space. This point is convenient for your use, plus it shows the connection the mover has with the storage provider.
Be sure your mover is transparent over how you’re being charged for storage services. The mover should let you know who’s handling the storage service and what you will spend on the work at hand.

3. A storage provider should offer enough room for your items.

The storage service you use needs enough space for everything based on your moving plans. You can talk with a mover about your belongings and calculate a general review of how much storage space is necessary. The space is traditionally calculated by how many square feet your storage boxes will take up.

Anything too massive for a box could also factor into your review. Watch how a storage spot looks and that you’ll find something helpful that fits your needs.


moving your home to storage
4. Ask about the layout of the storage area.

Some storage areas come with small rooms for each client. A room can include a designated space where all items will stay in one area.
Other storage regions are vault-style arrangements that feature one massive room.

Each client’s items are parceled off in a series of containers that include multiple boxes. The client’s possessions are designated by a number or other identifying factor to help people find their items sooner.
The layout of wherever your items will go should be comfortable and useful for your demands. It should provide easy access to your items while ensuring nothing is lost.

5. A mover should remain responsible for loading and unloading your items.

the moving team will physically handle all your items during the moving process will always be convenient to hire. A mover can collect your items and bring them to your designated storage unit, or it can take those items from that spot and move them to your new home. The process saves you time and effort, which is necessary during a stressful moving period.
Ask a mover about how it can handle your items at a storage location. The mover should have rules for how it will load and unload your items. The employees should also be professional and ready to protect everything it handles.

6. Regardless of who operates it, the storage area should remain safe.

Safety is critical for all storage needs. The facility where a mover keeps your items should stay protected and monitored twenty-four hours a day. It can also have access restrictions surrounding who can reach items in a space. A spot may also include logs for who accesses these possessions.
All of your belongings should also undergo screenings to ensure the accuracy of all shipments. The work should confirm your items have reached a spot and are being protected as necessary.

7. Insurance may work in some storage cases.

A storage service can also include an insurance policy that protects you from losses, damages, or other unforeseen concerns. The insurance deal you use can help you stay confident in how your items are being stored. Be sure the policy is worth enough and that it covers the values of all the items you’re trying to move, as you’ll need to ensure everything stays comfortable.

8. Portable storage may be available in some cases.

Many movers can also provide portable storage solutions. You could move your boxes and other items into a portable storage container that comes to your old home. You can then move that parcel to your new place and start unloading from there. The unit should be massive enough to handle your items while also being tough for outside parties to break into and access. It should also be easy to load onto a moving vehicle when you’re ready to get it out somewhere.

Portable pods are ideal for being private storage areas. Since you have full control over the pod, you don’t have to share it with anyone else. But the convenience could result in a higher price.
The pod should also be sized well enough to where you can handle all your items in one spot. Since a portable storage container has to fit on a truck, it will likely be anywhere from five to seven feet wide. It can also be up to fifteen feet long in many situations. These sizes should be enough for most of your moving needs, although you’d have to watch what you’re getting out of something before you start.

Moving and storage services can work together, but you should look at how these two solutions connect before hiring a service provider. Make sure whoever you hire is ready for your moving demands hand that you’ll receive the help you need for any purpose.

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