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9 Tips to Declutter Your Apartment

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Before the actual move, there is one thing you need to do- pack. Well, it is not as simple as it sounds, and we know that. Many things go into the trash during the packing, and a lot more leaves you confused- should I keep it or not?

It doesn’t bother you until you start thinking about it. Once you start- you can’t stop! It seems like everything in your house needs decluttering. Where to begin with?

We know the drill! Roadway Moving has prepared you with 9 tips for decluttering your apartment. This list will make the first step of taking the baggage off your back!

Roadway moving team
Roadway Moving team during the relocation process

1. Don’t start off too ambitious.

We all know how it goes. You start decluttering all enthusiastically, and in a couple of hours – you are hungry, tired, and surrounded by piles and piles of stuff. It will get worse until it gets better. So, yes, you will make a mess by trying to clean out the mess. Trust the process and do it section by section.

One box of sentimental objects can take 2 hours of your day while you go through it. Now think about all the bigger sections in your apartment. Do you have time to do them all at once? Rarely someone does.

2. Make a system

The key to decluttering being easy-peasy is good organization. Make a system you know you can follow. You can separate the days by the types of stuff you’re decluttering (clothes, food, books). The second option is to divide it into rooms- one room a day. Choose what best suits you!

Perhaps today is a shoe and small pantry day. Tomorrow you can do all the winter jackets and warm clothes. If you have a day off, choose a whole room and go through it. Everything depends on your rhythm and preferences!

3. Donate your clothes; we know you won’t wear them!

Once you start decluttering your closet- the game is on. No matter if you have many clothes or just a typical pile of stuff. It can get tricky.

Donate your clothes
Cardboard box containing clothing. Think of donating your old garments and recycling them.

If you haven’t worn something for over a year, who are you lying to? You won’t wear it; deal with it. If something is of sentimental value, we understand. A dress you wore once you had your first kiss can stay. Let’s be honest, everything else is just collecting dust, and there is someone who would actually wear it.

A good tip for future closet organization Is making a capsule closet, meaning to have the basics and then combine those in numerous ways. Of course, if that is your style!

If you need extra money, you can as well sell your clothes on online second-hand apps.

4. Use the three containers technique.

We all know this one! If not from experience, then from the movies! One box is for donating, one for keeping, and the last for throwing away.

All the stuff that is torn, very old, or just unusable- throw it. Nobody needs those. If the property is in good condition, but you feel like it’s just collecting dust in your apartment- donate it.

You know the drill.

5. Your pantry is actually what is bugging you.

Suppose you are brave, and it is time to face your pantry!

All the mushy mashy spilled foods, drinks, and supplements can look and smell gross. You don’t even see when it happens, but it seems like the pantry always makes a mess by itself

A winter-ready pantry that is stocked

It is time to do the real deal.

  • move it all out of the pantry
  • toss all the expired foods
  • if you have something opened, make sure to secure it with a rubber band or specific closers you can find in some furniture stores,
  • buy containers for your spices, flour, quinoa, pasta, and everything else that you keep in bags,
  • separate food by the types: sweet, baking, salty, etc.,
  • clean and disinfect the surface.

The most important tip is to take care of it in the future! Now that you have a system and your little containers and boxes, it will be easier to be neat once you open the pantry in the rush hour on a workday!

6. Micro storages are lifesavers.

Okay, once you have taken care of all the big spaces and piles, It is time to ensure it doesn’t happen again. This is a fantastic way to organize stuff, especially when moving into a new place.

There are many different mini storages in furniture stores. You can make a mini infrastructure and home for everything that stays with you.

For example – You can make your one drawer ten times more useful if you add small containers in it.

You can buy little shoe shelves and put three pairs of shoes on each other in a space that initially serves as storage for one pair!

You don’t even know everything that exists! Our favorite is a box for hiding all the cables underneath your TV. The list is infinite!

Female workplace
Japanese storage method.

7. For extra motivation – imagine your perfect decluttered space!

It is manifestation time. Do you have Pinterest boards with inspirational pictures of your ideal space? Well, we are sure those pictures don’t have clutter on them. So, think about it like this: if you want to have a Boho vibe in your apartment, decorate it with lovely art, and light a candle before sleep, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the clutter!

Step two is to imagine your perfect space- what colors are dominant? What are the smells, is the light warm or cold? Do you have some mixture of styles going on?

Once you declutter it, you can move the stuff that stayed and arrange it in your perfect new place!

8. Think about your shopping habits.

Hm, once you see everything you own in one place, you start to wonder- do I need this much stuff? What really makes me happy? We suppose it is the music, sports, your friends, family, and pets, maybe cooking or fashion, or you are passionate about traveling. Invest in those things that make you sincerely happy!

Give yourself a challenge not to buy anything you don’t need for a month. See how your space gets minimalistic and your purpose clearer in your mind! The moving process itself brings a feeling of a new beginning; let it be the ultimate experience!

9. Leave it spotless.

Never mind if you leave the apartment for your landlord or yourself; once you have thrown away all the stuff and organized other piles, it is time to clean!

Cleaning house
A happy mother and her daughter clean their home before moving.

Open your windows and let the fresh air come in. Disinfect and sanitize everything, sweep your floors, vacuum, wipe the dust and light a candle!

You’ll feel like your mind is clearer and your future is brighter!


Now that you’ve cleared your head and space, take a deep breath and tap yourself on the back! You made it! You are looking at those numerous garbage bags and wonder – where did all this stuff live during this time?

Now everything is easier. You know what you are bringing to your next location. All that is left is to call our number. We will ensure that all your leftovers and sentimental objects travel safely and comfortably to your next living location!

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