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Five-Star Packing and Protection – How Does It Work?

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Roadway Moving provides a helpful platinum packing service that ensures the protection of all your goods. Our movers will review your belongings, wrap and box everything, and find the proper padding or safety materials for each box or crate we prepare.

A good packing service is necessary for moving, as it does more than protect your items. Our work also gives you the time you need to handle other moving tasks. You’ve plenty of things on your plate, from changing your contacts to arranging your transportation to your new site. We are here to manage this time-consuming task for you, plus we can do it with safety in mind.

We provide a Five-Star Packing and Protection service that ensures the security and safety of all your goods. Here’s a look at how we will help you with your packing needs and in getting your materials ready for work.

A Thorough Team

Our Five-Star Packing and Protection service works with a complete team that will handle all your goods. We will have a team of four packers on hand to help you pack your belongings.

The team will introduce themselves to you and screen your property to review what needs to be done when packing your items. The planning process ensures you’ll receive the help you need with whatever you wish to move.

The packing team will help you find a solution that works without being too much of a threat. You can trust the work we provide, as we will keep everything together and preserve all your items without risking possible harm to anything you want to move.

A Two-Day Plan

The Five-Star Packing and Protection service entails a two-day process. The first day is for packing your goods. The second day is for moving the boxes out of the location and into your trucks, where they will go to your target destination.

The two-day effort ensures we’ll have the time to securely and effectively pack all your goods. We want to confirm everything you have stays safe and protected during the moving process.

The two-day plan is also ideal for when you have massive items that need extra help. You may need assistance in moving a heavy appliance, or you might need someone to help disassemble your furniture and pack all its parts together. Our experts can review the items you have and determine the proper method for packing and securing all those things to ensure the safety of everything.

The Right Materials

Your goods can be fragile and could break apart in moments. We recognize this concern, and we will check every item you want to pack to see we can keep everything safe without risking possible harm.

We can work with all the necessary materials for the task at hand, including:

  • Boxes in various sizes
  • Tape for boxes
  • Styrofoam peanuts and other foam-based protective items
  • Labels for each box
  • Bubble wrap and paper wrap for fragile items

We can also use plastic bins for local jobs. Plastic bins are reusable and can handle plenty of items, plus they can support the same protective items you’d use when toting more massive cardboard boxes.

Dividing the Work

The packing process goes as follows:

  • Whether certain items are fragile
  • The room something belongs to
  • Whether the items belong to a specific piece of furniture; this effort is essential for office moves
  • Special instructions for carrying, including whether a hand truck is necessary for the item
  • furniture and other things that require disassembly

We can label each box with a description of what is inside. The label can include instructions on whether things are fragile, whether multiple people are needed for lifting the box, and other points.

The items can also be packed in their original bags if possible.

Inventory Work

We can list how many boxes are in your job, plus we’ll produce an inventory for all the boxes we pack. Our work will review everything necessary for your job without creating anything too tough or otherwise challenging to manage.

We can divide your inventory over whatever rooms you have and which people may need these items the most.  You can request help for packing valuable or sensitive items late, especially if they are things that you cannot ignore when getting your inventory ready for use.

A Platinum Packing Service You Can Trust

Our Five-Star Packing and Protection plan will ensure your items will be moved safely and securely. We will confirm all your items in the moving process, plus we will ensure everything is secured well in all the boxes you require. Our job is about providing a helpful service that will ensure the protection of everything you hold.


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