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How to Move Large Items Internationally

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International moving can be complicated. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you have to go through a lot of planning and demanding steps. In addition, of course, you have to find a suitable and reliable New York moving company. They will take over most of your packing and preparation of heavy items for moving. But even so, a lot depends on you and you must be prepared for everything that awaits you when you plan an international move. One of the things is planning how you will move large items internationally. That’s why we are a guide for you that can help you prepare and move large items.


Provide a budget for an international move

If you plan to move across the border, a lot of work and a lot of preparation await you. In addition to everything, you must keep in mind that international moving is not cheap. Of course, with good international movers NYC, they won’t be too expensive either. But even so, it requires you to prepare the appropriate amount of money. This is especially true if you plan to move large items internationally. That’s why it’s smart to ask about moving costs and create a moving budget. Request a free moving estimate from several movers and choose the ones you trust but also fit your budget. When you have enough money, it will be easier for you to do everything safely for yourself and your belongings. That’s why the first thing you should start with is the moving budget!

A moving company worker packs things for moving
An experienced moving company will be a great help in your international move.

Hire movers who have experience with moving large items internationally

When you’re planning a move and you know you’ll be carrying some big things, you need to choose your moving company carefully. Start your search for moving and storage Brooklyn providers at least two to three months before the planned move. Do your research until you find a company with experience in international moving. Moving big things international and you need to go through certain procedures and paperwork. You need the help of moving companies that have experience in this type of moving. This is the only way to ensure that everything will go smoothly. And that your things will arrive at the address you want in excellent condition.

There are three ways to move large items internationally

When you have planned most of the move and hired Manhattan movers to help you, it is time to decide how you will send your things. Your movers will explain to you that when moving large furniture internationally, you have several shipping options. Depending on whether you want fast or slow delivery, you have several options that can be more expensive or cheaper. Of course, the choice of transport will be influenced by the size and quantity of things you need to move. The best way is to consult with a moving company and ensure an option that will be adequate for everything you need. Here are all the options you can count on when planning your move internationally. It is up to you to choose between three means of transport:

  • Airplanes
  • Ships
  • Tucks

It is up to you to evaluate which option suits you better and to make a decision in agreement with your movers. Ask for more details and the possibilities you have when it comes to your move.

The woman smiles with dog
Move your large items internationally with a smile with the help of reliable movers.

Moving large items internationally by the air freight

One of the ways to move your large items internationally is air freight. Sending things by air is less common than sea freight, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are in a hurry, the fastest and most convenient option for moving your belongings is by air freight. However, you run into a problem here. If you choose to travel by air cargo, you are limited by the number of things you can carry. Because when you move your things by plane, you have to be careful not to exceed the allowed weight. This can be an aggravating circumstance if you have many large items to ship internationally.

However, if you are short on time, try to reduce the number of things and fit into the offered weight. That way you will get your things to the desired location the fastest. But when shipping by air is on the way there is one more thing – it is significantly more expensive. Some will say that the speed of sending justifies the price, which may be true. However, this does not mean that everyone can afford them. It is up to you to consult with the moving company and choose what suits you.

Moving large items internationally by sea freight

If you are moving long distances and crossing the ocean, this is the most cost-effective option for shipping your belongings. However, it is not always the fastest. But the most common way to transport your large items internationally is definitely by sea freight. When you send your things by ship, you will have lower costs. The costs that await you if you choose to send by sea freight are container rental and transport fees. The good thing is that the containers for packing things are available in various sizes. This allows you to choose the size of the container depending on the weight and size of your things. This will greatly help in reducing your costs of moving across the border.

Handy movers move large items internationally
Leave the hard work of moving to the workers of the moving company.

Options for shipping large items internationally by sea freight

If you have decided on this option, make sure you find a good international moving company. Long-distance movers will organize everything around the delivery of packaging containers to your address. After you load it with your stuff, the truck will take it to where it needs to be to get ready for the trip. When you send things by sea freight moving companies offer two services:

  • Door to door – means that the moving company delivers the container to your address for you to pack, and after the move, they bring it to your new address for unpacking.
  • Door to port – It means that the moving company delivers the container to your address for you to pack, and after the move, you pick up your belongings from the container at the port.

As you can see, the main difference is where you will pick up your stuff. Logically, the door-to-door option is more expensive because you receive your items directly at the address. While the door-to-port option is more favorable because you pick up your things at the port. But in both cases, the agent will make sure that the container arrives on the appropriate carrier, as well as all the documents and customs procedures. All you need is to agree on all the details with your moving company and the rest of the move will be easy.

Depending on the amount of stuff you’re moving, you’ll have two options to move large items internationally by sea freight

It is not easy to estimate how many things you will have to follow. However, in order not to burn unnecessarily, you will have to know what you will be moving before you choose the containers. Because when you move large items internationally via sea freight you have two shipping options:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)– assumes that you rent the entire container for moving your items.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL)– assumes that you rent only part of the container for your items.

Therefore, it is logical that when choosing between these two options, you need to know how many things you will carry. If you have a lot of large items to move, you will probably need a Full Container Load. But if you don’t have a lot of things, it might be a good idea to opt for Less than Container Load. If you choose LCL, you will share the container with others.

Things packed for moving
Decide whether you will carry all your belongings as it is not cheap to move large items internationally.

Certainly, FCL is a more expensive option because you pay the full price of using the entire container. Depending on the size of the container, it can be quite an expensive option. While the LCL option is significantly more profitable because you only pay for the rental of a part of the container as much as your belongings. Ask the movers Queens for more details before making a decision. They will know best to explain the options you have. And to help you make a decision that is in line with your needs and budget.

Move your large items internationally by moving trucks

The third option, which also has its limitations, is moving your belongings by land. Although this option is significantly limited because you can only move from the US to Mexico and Canada, it still exists and is important to mention. Moving your large belongings internationally by land would require you to rent moving trucks with large trailers. In terms of price, this option of moving by truck is more favorable than by plane but more expensive than moving by sea. It’s up to you to see what works best for you if you can move with a company.

Give attention and time to packing large items for an international move

To move big things internationally, you need to be fully prepared. It doesn’t just mean deciding to move. The first thing you should do is think carefully and decide if your furniture is worth moving. And then there are things that you have to take special care of is packing big things. It is not easy to pack even smaller things that can fit in a box. And especially the big and bulky ones that are difficult to pack and move.

The chair is packed in a box
Items must be adequately packed to ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

However, for your belongings to travel safely from one country to another, you need to make sure that they are packed properly. One way to be sure that your large items will be adequately packed is to leave the packing to the professionals. Almost all moving companies also offer packing services. Experienced and careful workers will pack your things in the best possible way. This way you will be sure to move your large furniture safely to your new address.

Provide packing material for items you would like to move across the border

Before you start packing things for a long-distance move, you need to find the right packing material. These are the things you should not skimp on because it is still a move where your things will be in transport for a long time. We will not talk much about the importance of quality moving equipment and materials. It’s enough to know that this is the only way to make sure that your belongings are packed properly.

Hence, if you plan to pack for the move yourself, you can find some of the packing materials at DIY stores. But you can also call Bronx movers who will be happy to provide you with all the necessary material. And it doesn’t matter whether you plan to pack it yourself or have movers pack it for you. I can provide you with boxes of all sizes and almost any other material you need to safely pack all your belongings for moving. Our recommendation is to leave the packing to the professionals if you have the opportunity. They will do it more experienced and faster than you.

Documents for moving
Find out what you are allowed to bring into the country you are moving to.

Get to know the regulations and laws of the country you are moving to

In the end, when you move from one country to another, you must familiarize yourself with the regulations of that country. Some states have specific prohibitions that can make it difficult for you to move. Ask reliable movers about the laws for importing things into the country you have chosen for moving. They will help you find out what you may not move internationally. And thus significantly speed up the process of your international move. When you are planning to move large items internationally, you need to know the exact processes. They can even help you with the facts you need to know when moving from NYC to Europe. So rely on a moving company when planning your international move.


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