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Moving Companies With Storage: The Best Qualities


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If you’re about to make a house move with your family or an office move with your company, chances are you’re already looking into professional services such as professional movers to help you out. Moreover, it’s very likely that you’re already taking note of things you own in the form of a handy inventory you can bring with you once you start organizing the bigger parts of your move. However, as you look at the things you own, chances are you might realize that you need more space than what your current new home or new office can offer – and sadly, you might need an entirely new storage space to cover it.
If you’re in need for extra storage for your upcoming move, perhaps you need to look for moving companies with storage. However, how do you choose the best?

Thankfully, finding the best moving companies with storage can be a piece of cake if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Regardless of whether you’re doing this for your house move or for your office move, finding a great company with practical storage options can actually fall upon extremely similar criteria. If you have a lot of companies you need to study and sift through, try to choose the best ones for your needs according to this particular checklist:

  • Capable of working in your particular location. Even if a moving company has some of the most sophisticated services out there, a long distance moving and storage company won’t be of much help for you if your family needs storage for local moves. In turn, the most ideal moving and storage team for you should be ones that can handle both local and long distance moving and storage. That way, regardless if you have an interstate or long distance moves, you won’t experience much difficulties having to travel long distances just to get to your storage units. As such, teams such as Atlas Van Lines can help you handle your moving and storage needs regardless of your locations due to their many branches.
  • Offers multiple storage options for your needs. Moving companies with storage shouldn’t just be able to offer a couple of storage units or two for your needs. They need to be able to provide a comprehensive list of services that can suit your various needs. For instance, they may be able to provide a moving truck that can act as a portable storage, which in turn be an example of portable moving. Likewise, this team might have a storage facility that offers multiple storage solutions, such as a storage unit that you can modify depending on the size and even kind of temperature you need. That way, you can store any kind of item without risking its integrity and safety, such as food, electronics, and even books.
  • Provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of their services. Another way to find a reputable storage company is their ability to elaborate on their role in the moving process. Remember, different moving storage and services can get involved in various parts of the move – from packing and unpacking your things, to solely being in charge of storing your things in their units. Before you hire one of them for your move, it’s important to remember that this moving company should know exactly what kind of role they will have in your move and what kind of tasks you’d expect them to help your family do throughout the move.
  • Has respectable, supportive customer service. One of the best traits of moving companies with storage is a reliable customer service system with staff that are knowledgeable with the ins-and-outs of the company. That way, they can make the moving experience more comfortable for customers, as they can offer not just moving companies with storage, but they can also explain exactly what clients can expect from the company and what other services they have in store for them as well. With Roadway Moving, our customer service team can help you with all your moving needs – from briefing you regarding our many services to helping you get in touch with us to have a proper estimate and quotation.
  • Clear estimates and quotations. One of the best qualities of a reliable moving and storage company is their eye and attention for detail – especially when it comes to moving costs. A reliable moving team should be able to provide you with a quotation that lists down various things you only pay for through specific means and on specific timeframes. This means your estimates should contain all the necessary details you need to know about the financial aspects of your move and no hidden costs. You should avoid teams that can’t guarantee an exact estimate and might even incur surprise payables by moving day.

Storage Services: Choose The Right One

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that choosing the best storage services for you really has to do with finding the team that not only meets your needs but also understands exactly what you’re needing them for. Teams you can rely on need to be able to provide handy alternatives and the best way to maximize the services they have – all of which you can greatly benefit from, especially if you need professional advice with regards to a number of items you need to store.

Thanks to the right perspective, versatile and accessible storage options from moving companies such as Roadway Moving Company can actually help you find a specific storage space you need for your house or for your office without much hassle or stress on your part as a customer.

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