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There are many reasons why you should choose Montreal as your new place to live in. Being a mix of modern cities in North America and European City, Montreal is one of the Canadian regions which is unique in several ways. From its friendly neighborhoods to bilingualism and freedom of adversity, you’ll definitely love this city more than anything else.

However, before you pack your things, schedule an international moving company, and move to Montreal, here are a few considerations you need to keep in mind before making a significant life decision.

1. Basic Information

It’s important to note that Montreal isn’t the capital of the Quebec province in Canada, but it’s Quebec City.  Even if Montreal isn’t the capital of Quebec, one of the interesting facts about the place is that the people who live there speak the French language. It’s the primary region where residents use French as their primary language.

If you move to Montreal and look for a job, but you speak English, getting around in there may be difficult for you because most employers speak French than English. However, you can still find a permanent resident who can speak both English and French. They’re known as bilingual people.

2. Economy

When it comes to economic growth and development, Montreal has been an excellent choice for moving. Montreal primarily focuses on technology, commerce and finance, industrial work, and world affairs. Given such involvement in a variety of industries, the residents of Montreal enjoy its growing economy to the fullest. Also, the city is recognized as the center for entertainment and films with many studios to hose different film festivals.

3. Housing

Montreal is one of the most affordable cities in Canada. Moving there is perfect for those who are looking to live a simple life. For instance, housing in Montreal is cheaper than other cosmopolitan cities in Canada like Vancouver and Toronto. When buying a house in that city, you’ll only have to spend a lesser amount of money than in other areas. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or condominium, the housing costs in Montreal, Canada, is less expensive than an apartment in York City.

4. Cost of living

Aside from housing expenses, the essential cost of living in Montreal is also affordable compared to other cities in the world. From the restaurants to groceries and other utilities, moving to this Canadian city can help you save money in the long run. The cost of living index in Montreal is lower than the other cities like NYC.

5. Entertainment

Montreal organizes some of the biggest festivals that lasts all year. These entertainment events usually bring in thousands of people together both locals and tourists to celebrate specific festivities. The festival season starts in June and continues in winter when many people go out to enjoy the activities. Some of the most popular festivals in Montreal Canada include the International Jazz Festival, Grand Prix Festival, Osheaga, Just for Laughs, and many more. Every summer, residents of the city love to laugh, which is why international and local comedians gather together to share some laughter and wit using the official languages.

6. Transportation

Getting around the city can be done using public transport. With more than one hundred different bus lines and four subways, Montreal has a convenient means of transportation. You can also find some taxibus roaming around the city. In addition to buses and subways, they’re also a reliable and cheap mode of transportation in Montreal. The good thing about the place is that you can check maps fare rates and bus stations in the website Societe de Transport de Montreal.

7. Food

Like NYC, Montreal has a wide variety of unique dishes combining local flavors to international flavors. Besides, the city has numerous top-notch restaurants where you can experience a great dining experience. If you’re a vegetarian, Montreal has a good selection of vegan dishes to choose from. Being foodie heaven, you can try everything that you’re looking for in Montreal. Moreover, the most exciting part of being a food lover is that you can find a restaurant named Moishes Steakhouse, which is close to the heart of Leonard Cohen, a famous Canadian singer.

8. Job Employment

Moving and working in Montreal come with requirements. Before you can get a job, you have to comply with two different documents such as a temporary working permit and a residence permit. If you have plans to become a permanent resident in Montreal, you need to secure a residence permit which will also allow you to use Canada’s social systems. However, if you’re moving to Montreal for a specific period only, then a temporary working permit will do. It can only be used for one time since it has an expiration date.


Living in Montreal can be a dream come true. With all the good things you can experience there, moving to that one of a kind Canadian city is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Ready to leave your busy city life in New York City? Be sure to hire professional movers who can help you when moving to Montreal from NYC.


Tom Philips

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