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When moving from Queens to Manhattan, the most important tip is to find movers who are thoroughly experienced in both boroughs. Each neighborhood has its own unique set of challenges, and you don’t want a small mover who might hold up the process on your big day. Roadway Moving is Yelp’s #1 mover in NYC. As representatives of the best and most trustworthy of moving professionals, we’re a good place to start for your free quote.

But you decide to make your move from Queens to Manhattan, we’d love to share with you some universal tips and bits of info that will help to make it easier. After all, we believe every moving day should be a celebration.

What We’ve Learned – Experienced Movers from Queens to Manhattan

So you have decided to make the leap from the largest borough in New York City to the “center of the universe,” Manhattan. While there are a ton of reasons to want to move and live in Queens – the incredible diversity, amazing food choices, the Mets, Flushing Meadows Park, Astoria, and more – there is something equally as special about Manhattan.

Your move from Queens to Manhattan might be to experience a new borough, or as the result of a job change, raise, or promotion. Most New Yorkers dream of ending up in Manhattan one day, and there are many reasons why.

Moving from Queens to Manhattan

Why Move from Queens to Manhattan?

When people say “The city that never sleeps,” they are talking about Manhattan. Here you will find world-class restaurants and the tops chefs in the industry. You’ll bask in the shadows of the most amazing, glistening skyscrapers of any city. And you’ll be energized by the bustle and liveliness of the 24/7 wonder that is Manhattan.

Whether you’ll be renting a flat or apartment or you are buying and moving into you forever home, there are going to be some steps to take to make a move to Manhattan worry-free. Every neighborhood has its quirks whether you’re moving to the Upper West Side, Midtown, Tribeca, West Village, Chelsea, or the Upper East Side. There’s a quick pace in this borough and you’ll want to be one step ahead of it on moving day. Organization and good communication with your movers will save you time and money.

Building Moving Times

The first thing you’ll want to figure out is what the moving policies are for the building you are leaving and for the building you are moving into. Most management companies have set moving times where the dock and/or doors are open and moving trucks and movers are allowed. Contact the management to set the date and time for your movers to either load or unload. Keep in mind to consider the amount of time it will take to load the truck in Queens, travel to Manhattan, get through traffic, and make it to your next residence.

Parking Moving Trucks in Queens and Manhattan

Consider that Manhattan is also the center of the universe when it comes to traffic and limited parking. Most reputable movers will leave the driver in the truck to avoid getting parking tickets. While this means one less person actually on the ground helping, it helps you not have to pay any parking fines. This is because movers are allowed to ask the client to pay if they receive parking tickets. So, learn the parking regulations for your neighborhood in Queens and your new neighborhood in Manhattan. It’s critical to being able to get the truck to access your buildings efficiently. Make sure your movers have a good understanding of New York’s Local Truck Route Network as well. These are the roads designated for truck use throughout New York City.

Move to Manhattan

Building Setups for Moves

The next piece of information you’ll want to gather is what is available to you inside of the buildings for moving. If there is a service elevator, let your movers know. Also let them know if it’s a walk-up and how many flights of stairs there are. Sometimes buildings have dollies you can use for larger items or they want you to lay down cardboard to protect the floor. Find out the rules so you don’t have any building fines to deal with on your way out of your old place, or when trying to make a good impression in your new spot.

Other Tenants Moving In and Out

Ideally, you can find a moving day where there are no other tenants moving in and out. Space is always at a premium, and that means pivoting a couch in a stairwell (like the famous Friends episode) can cause a serious moving traffic jam. Since some movers charge by the hour, that can mean more money out of your pocket or the possibility of going past the allowable moving time for your building. Then you might need to pay for storage and for the company to come back with the rest of your stuff at another time.

Best Movers for Moving from Queens to Manhattan

We know these streets and we have seen it all when it comes to moving days in New York City. Work with someone experienced and on your side to make your move from Queens to Manhattan hassle-free. In fact, let’s make it fun! Let’s make it a celebration. It’s what we do at Roadway Moving. Get in touch with us today to hear how we can help.

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