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Do Movers Work on Sundays and for Holidays?

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When it comes to planning a move, it’s natural to wonder if movers are available on Sundays and holidays. Whether you’re relocating your home or business, you may have specific timing requirements or prefer to take advantage of a holiday to minimize disruptions and downtime.

In this article, we’re here to confirm that Roadway Moving, operates all 365 days of the year, including Sundays and holidays, and to point out some things that you should consider when deciding whether to move during a holiday or not.

Roadway Moving Sundays and Holidays
Roadway Moving is open every day of the year, 24/7.

Do Movers Work Even on Major Holidays?

Moving is considered as an essential service and many moving companies want to be there for their customers whenever they are needed.  At Roadway Moving, we recognize the importance of accommodating our customers’ schedules, especially during holidays. We operate all year round, including holidays like Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King Junior Day, Independence Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Juneteenth, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Benefits of Moving on a Holiday

Choosing to move on a holiday can bring several advantages. Firstly, many people have days off work, making it easier to devote time and energy to the moving process. It allows for greater flexibility and can help alleviate some of the stresses associated with managing a move while juggling work and school responsibilities.

Our commitment to offering moving services 24/7, 365 days a year is particularly beneficial for commercial moves, as businesses aim to minimize downtime and take advantage of holiday closures to transition seamlessly.

Things to Know When Moving During a Holiday

While moving during a holiday can have its benefits, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Roadway Moving Truck Holidays

Book in Advance

Moving crews are often in higher demand  and lower supply during holiday periods, so it’s essential to book your movers well in advance to secure your preferred dates.

You may get your free moving quote from Roadway Moving even months before your move date. By inquiring early you are also more likely to get a lower price than when booking last minute, no matter which moving company you are using.

Coordinate Permissions and Elevator Reservations

If you’re moving from or into a building with specific rules or management requirements, ensure you have the necessary permissions, including a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the moving company. Additionally, reserve elevator access if needed, as these processes may take longer during holidays when building management may have reduced staff.

Allow Ample Time for Packing

If you’re not opting for professional packing service, make sure to allocate enough time for packing. Holidays can be a busy time with additional responsibilities, so giving yourself adequate time to pack will help avoid last-minute stress.

Potential Delays

Be aware that moving during holidays, particularly in winter, can come with potential delays. Inclement weather, increased traffic due to holiday travel, and some services or businesses being closed can make it harder to complete certain tasks promptly. Plan accordingly and allow for flexibility in your moving timeline.


If you’re wondering whether movers work on holidays, Roadway Moving has you covered. We operate 365 days a year, including all major holidays, to meet our customers’ needs.

Moving during a holiday offers unique advantages, such as having days off work when it comes to residential moves or minimizing downtime for business moves. However, it’s crucial to plan ahead, considering potential delays and ensuring all necessary permissions and arrangements are in place.

By partnering with a reliable moving company like Roadway Moving, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient move, even during holidays.

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