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Leaving New York City: How Do You Know It’s Time to Move

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We obviously all love New York. It is truly one of the greatest cities in the world, and everyone who can—and wants to—should have the opportunity to live here. But sometimes the grind of city life can start to get to you, and you can’t help but think “is it time to move?”  Many factors make people move, whether they are young individuals searching for a job, retirees, or families with kids looking for more space and freedom. Whatever your motivations, making a decision like this requires careful planning and organization. Here are a few indications that leaving New York City might be the right decision for you, and which long distance moving companies might help you achieve this.


Roadway Moving truck in front of the building
If you are thinking about leaving New York City, then Roadway Moving has the best solutions and suggestions

You got an awesome job offer

The first and most obvious reason why you would leave the city is that you got yourself an amazing new job somewhere else. If you have an opportunity to advance your career in a special way, you shouldn’t turn it down simply because of the location. People may think that New York City is the best place for finding a job, which is true. The city offers endless possibilities for working in various industries. However, it is not surprising that you want to move to a smaller, quieter, and more walkable area. Using public transportation all the time may be tiring, and you may be unable to withstand the crowd. As a result, many New Yorkers decide to move each year. Don’t hesitate to accept your chances for a brighter future. You will adjust to the new location as well.

You can’t handle the cold or the heat

A lot of people love the diverse weather that we see in New York, but for some, it is a huge pain. New York City is mostly wet in summer and autumn. Although the temperatures are high in summer, they are quite low in winter. If you like snow, you can enjoy many outdoor activities from December to March. We can say that New York has it all. From comfortable temperatures in mid-August and late September to heavy snowstorms in winter. However, if you are finding it too much to handle the extreme east coast weather, you might be more suited to the warm weather in California, for example, or the more temperate climate of Washington state. As a result, many people hire residential moving companies to relocate them to areas with a more comfortable climate.

A young woman packing thinking about leaving New York City
If you feel that the weather conditions are no longer suitable for you, maybe you should think about relocating to another area

Leaving New York City means you need more space

If there’s one thing that you don’t see much of in New York—outside of one of the parks—it is open spaces. If you are someone who wants a garden for your plants or a yard for your kids to play in, moving outside of the city will give you a better chance of that. There are plenty of suburban communities outside New York which will provide more space for your family and pets. Many Manhattan neighborhoods are suitable for families and they are pet-friendly as well.  And while we’re talking about space, if you want more room in general, you aren’t going to find it in New York City without a ton of money—and it’s pretty hard to find, even then. If you want a more spacious property, leaving the city will definitely be your best bet.

People often leave big cities because they are more expensive

New York City attracts many people each year, not just as visitors, but also as citizens. Apart from offering sheer excitement, job opportunities, culture, and education, we cannot deny the fact that New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. It is 31% more expensive than Los Angeles, and 23% more than Boston. Between the cost of buying or renting property, the cost of food, and the cost of transport, it can be difficult to get by at all, let alone set aside any money for the future.

Of course, many people have New York salaries to cover their New York expenses, but if you want to have an easier go about it, it might be a better idea to move outside the city and commute to work instead. Being a city of renters, the housing costs get higher each year. You need to pay around $3,950 for a one-bedroom apartment, and $4,750 for two rooms. You may want to think about hiring small apartment movers NYC area recommends, relocating you to a cheaper apartment, or maybe to a nearby area where you don’t need to pay for glitz and glamour.

People crossing the street in New York City
It is not easy to maintain living conditions in a metropolis. As a result, people decide to leave the busy streets in New York and search for a more peaceful area

There is no point in owning a car in New York City

To drive or not to drive? Almost anyone who lives in New York City will tell you that it’s really not worth owning a car if you live there. Not only can you get just about anywhere you need to go by public transport, but it’s nearly impossible to have a peaceful experience trying to drive and park your own car in NYC. Finding a quick and easy parking lot is mission impossible here. Moreover, garage parking is extremely expensive, not to mention the apartment that comes with its own spot.

If owning a car is not a big enough reason to leave New York City, just compare the numbers. The average cost of monthly parking in NYC is $570, while in other cities it is around $280. If you yearn for that freedom and fulfillment of the American Dream that an automobile can bring, it might be time to start making your to-do moving list and move out of the city.

A pink moving truck on the street
If you don’t want to pay a lot for parking lots and taxes, leaving New York City is the options that will save you money

Your business will flourish in a smaller community

Having an office in a big city such as New York is often a good thing. Many people will come to buy your services, and you can expect a nice portion of your income. However, sometimes maintaining an office in a metropolis may become expensive, so people relocate it to a smaller area. This is another reason why people decide to leave a big city and move to a quieter place. Furthermore, there are plenty of offices doing the same business as you in New York.

This highly competitive place has a lot of entrepreneurs running multiple offices within the same area. This is due to the rapid growth of technology. If you feel that your office is not working at full capacity as before, or you are forced to pay extremely high taxes, maybe it is time to relocate your office. Hiring commercial movers the NYC area offers will help you move your business anywhere in the state quickly. Your work is already tough enough, so it’s not surprising you need a change.

Are you tired of walls, concrete, and skyscrapers? Leaving New York City is the only option

It is not easy to leave a city like New York. With its tall buildings, amazing architecture, and business potential, the city is just so alluring. But what if you get tired of all the walls surrounding you? Do you something wish to see more greenery and nature, and breathe fresh air? Then maybe it is time you left New York City, and search for something more natural. People often leave New York because they can’t enjoy small things, and only need to walk around crowded, often dirty streets. The place is always crowded and clustered with stores, supermarkets, and offices.

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine in the garden, or listen to nice music on the balcony, maybe moving to Philadelphia or Buffalo is a better choice. You can always hire companies doing white glove moving NYC recommends, to help you relocate your belongings safely. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to enjoy small things in a place you like.

Happy people smiling and holding boxes
Relocating to a new area will put a big smile on your face. Don’t hesitate to find a place that you will like

You long for more meaningful human interaction

There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and interact with others in a city as diverse and heavily populated as New York. But, even when you discount those who fall under the Angry New Yorker stereotype, it can be difficult to find the kind of true and meaningful daily connection with others. But why is it so hard to find friends in a city with over 20 million people? You are probably accustomed to meeting people all the time in a small town. Maybe you like to drink coffee with them, and invite them to lunch. However,  just like in all other metropolitan cities, people don’t really hang out, and they don’t care about each other’s feelings. Moreover, a hectic lifestyle is something that prevents people from socializing more, which might make you search for a more friendly community.

Final thoughts

Leaving New York City is no small decision to make, and it won’t be easy. However, sometimes life has a way of driving us to make choices that we would have never previously thought possible. We agree that New York is the city of possibilities. Many people go there to pursue the American dream. However, as much as it sounds easy, maintaining life, business, and education in such a large place is hard. If you have weighed up all of the pros and cons and decided that leaving New York is the right thing for you, have the courage and start the process now. And of course,  if you need help, you know where to look for moving companies in NYC. Your relocation will be much easier and stress-free if you have the right moving partner by your side. Everything is easy if you think positively.

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