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Pros and Cons of Moving to Staten Island

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We all know that living in The Big Apple can get rough.

Too many people, too crowded, loud, expensive, and too much debt…

Staten Island New York
View of the Staten Island area from the downtown Manhattan skyline.

Stop the whining right there!

We present you with the least crowded borough of the five NYC boroughs!

Staten Island is the perfect mixture of a peaceful suburb and a hotspot you wish you had explored sooner.

Roadway Moving has prepared all the crucial pros and cons of moving this close yet far away from Manhattan!

Let’s get into it.

Staten Island Roadway truck
Roadway truck on the sunny streets of Island Roadway, New York


Pros of Moving to Staten Island

1. Good bang for your buck

Probably the most practical reason for many moves toward Staten Island is the fact that it is so affordable!

Compared to NYC’s average, Staten Island is the realistic option for everyone who wants to try their luck in The City That Never Sleeps.

The overall cost of living index is 43% lower than its neighbor’s (Manhattan)!

Being just a 20 minutes ferry ride from Manhattan, this relocation is wise for your wallet.

Verrazzano Narrows Bridge
A scenic shot of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge between New York and Staten Island

2. Haven for families!

Suppose you want to raise your kids in big backyards and green parks. If that is the case, Staten Island will be a perfect match!

BBQ in the backyard sounds unreal for some people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Not for the Staten Island fellow citizens!

You can cook your meat all day with a view of those skyscrapers while your dog and children play in the grass.

We’ll stop daydreaming now, but really, what are you waiting for?

Colorful spaces, sandy beaches, a plethora of museums, and an enormous number of parks are waiting for you!

3. Green spaces all around

Talking of green spaces here is a fact that’ll blow your mind.

Third of Staten Island is covered in green spaces! 9,300 acres of parkland make the nickname The Borough of Parks sound accurate.

It is the borough with the biggest number of parks. The number is 170, including High Rock, Greenbelt, Clove Lakes, and 167 others waiting for you to explore them.

Fun fact: If you choose one park to visit every month, you will have 14 years of exploring the park scene in your pocket!

Gretz Secret Garden
The Connie Gretz Secret Garden is enclosed by this castle, which has a two-story tower, at Sailor’s Snug Harbor in Staten Island, New York City.

4. Affordable and cozy housing options

Being the least populated borough, Staten Island has a nice plethora of available properties for even more available prices.

You won’t have to settle for a one-bedroom apartment, which costs your whole salary.

Instead, you will choose between oversized properties and lovely and affordable places at your disposal.

Say goodbye to the small and poor real estate listings and say hello to more laid-back and wider options!

If we are talking of the numbers, let’s say that a median home value on the Island is $650k compared to Manhattan’s $1.5 million!

Fun fact:

In the center of the island lies Richmondtown, which is popular for its historical significance!

More than 30 restored buildings dating back to the 17th century are located here. Those are beautiful eye candy, and some are up for rent too!

Victorian Cottages Staten Island
The Victorian cottages, along Cottage Row in Sailors’ Snug Harbor in Staten Island

5. Job opportunities

The recent spike in population is caused mainly by the number of job opportunities this borough offers.

You should know that construction, social assistance, leisure and hospitality, and health care are the four largest industries.

6. It has everything your tastebuds need

With a vast Italo-American population, Staten Island can be proud of its authentic Italian restaurants and dishes that’ll blow your mind! iconic pizza, Ma and Pa styled traditional restaurants, and original recipes you can only try out here!

On the other hand, a couple of Michelin Star restaurants bring color to the rich food scene.

Iconic pizza
Staten Island, iconic pizza

Cons of Moving to Staten Island

It is time for some possible deal breakers.

There aren’t many, but it depends on your wants and needs!

Let’s see what it is all about.

1. Poor nightlife

If you are a young person full of energy and find partying essential, consider another borough.

Any other borough, since Staten Island has no nightlife options.

Okay, there are some bars, and you can always go to other boroughs for the party’s sake. Still, if this is an important thing on your checklist, we are sorry to inform you that the party scene is not something Staten Island invests in.

2. Commuting is complicated

If you work in Manhattan, be prepared to travel by ferry on the daily bases. That or driving over the Verrazzano-Narrows bridge to Brooklyn, where you can hop on a subway.

Staten Island Ferry
Staten Island Ferry passing the Statue of Liberty in New York

Yes, it sounds complicated because it is.

Compared to the easy-going subway across the river, you’ll want to think about this one.

3. Insane traffic

This adds up to the previous con.

Residents are complaining about horrendous traffic at every hour of the day.

You will need around 2.5 hours each way to Manhattan if you drive during the jam.

Staten Island traffic
Staten Island, insane traffic

4. Slightly there is a diversity

If you are used to multicultural areas and cities pulsating with diversity, Staten Island can be a disappointment.

78% of residents are Italian, Hispanic, or Greek. The majority is really a majority here, and for the lovely mixture of cultures, you can cross a bridge.

On the other hand, people are very welcoming and will make you feel cozy from day one!

Final words

We tried to be as honest as possible, so we hope you have a clear picture of your life on Staten Island!

This isolated yet connected borough provides green spaces and wonderful surroundings for raising a family!

Roadway Moving is prepared to get into the traffic jam for you and move you to your new home, a ferry ride away!

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