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NYC Moving during COVID-19 outbreak


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It can be worrisome to have the COVID-19 outbreak happen while we’re having a pending or on going move. After all, we don’t know the full extent of how the coronavirus outbreak will affect moving services, and other services we might avail. As families and owners of our own businesses, it can be hard to avoid thinking – what if we don’t get to finish our move at all?

Thankfully, Roadway Moving is able to operate in NYC metropolitan during the COVID-19 outbreak under the Executive Order 202.6 as it stands. In this article, we’ll be elaborating how movers like Roadway Moving will likely be able to operate during the outbreak, and what we can expect our movers to do to perform their services properly.

Movers and COVID-19: Why can they operate?

Moving companies are considered essential services in the state of New York, meaning they’re in line with institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies that are deemed necessary to operate should emergencies like COVID-19 happen. That’s because moving companies can help provide essential logistical and transportation support that can aid in the delivery of supplies and other tasks.

In turn, this also means movers around NYC area can continue providing services to their clients, as long as they’re in locations that allow moving operations. Movers that continue to serve clients, should have guidelines (check out Roadway Moving’s own COVID-19 guidelines) that help explain to their clients how they plan on ensuring their protection during the transportation and moving process.

Protecting clients during the move: How does this happen?

Moving companies like Roadway Moving conduct services during the COVID-19 outbreak indifferent ways. Regardless of how we conduct services today, all our protocols are following directives issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other relevant local authorities. In the case of Roadway Moving, here’s how we’re protecting our clients from COVID-19 during their move:

We need to confirm policies in different areas of operations first. As a moving company, we’re required to travel and do business in different locations. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to double-check with local authorities if we’re allowed to operate in a particular area, city, and/or state. That’s because different areas have different policies issued to help curb COVID-19.

  • If you’re interested in availing our services, we recommend that you confirm with us if we can operate in your area. Given the outbreak, we unfortunately have cutdown employees. This has affected our availability.
  • Aside from checking with us, it also helps to clarify with your homeowners and building and/or your building management if there are new moving policies, regulations, and restrictions. It’s best if you ask about this at least a week before the move so we also know how to adjust on our end.
  • Please do take into consideration the status of your destination state policy in case moving long out of the Tristate area as well. Some cities and states have been quarantined by their respective local authorities. These situations can pose limitations to essential services and what they can do. We’re currently aware that moving services are considered essential services in New Jersey, New York, California, and as such we can provide services there.

We advise our clients to follow proper sanitation and social distancing. In Roadway Moving, we want to give our clients the most comfortable and convenient moving process possible. Given the risk of COVID-19 today, our mission for client convenience also includes helping them follow the best measures to avoid contracting COVID-19 during the move. Here are some tips:

  • We advise clients to follow safety and sanitation protocols and instructions from their health authorities. These include washing their hands multiple times throughout a day for at least 20 seconds. .
  • We advise clients who want to interact with our movers to maintain social distance, and to refrain from physical contact. We would also recommend washing hands before and after the meeting for added safety.
  • We also advise our clients to sign documents electronically, and to communicate with us via online video calls. This allows us to avoid unnecessary visits and maintain safety throughout the moving process.
  • We now provide virtual in-home estimates for our estimators. This allows our estimators to perform a “virtual” walk in your office or home with you. You can then take videos of the items that will be moved. This reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 and at the same time still provides an accurate and detailed estimate of moving charges.

We added increased safety and sanitation measures to ensure risk-free operations. As service providers, we have to make sure services we provide clients are both high quality and follow the standards set by local authorities. In the case of the COVID-19 outbreak, our services will now include measures and protocols set by health authorities to ensure the safety of our clients.

  • We’ve implemented our own social distancing strategy, which comprises breaking up our primary workforce into three locations. This avoids many employees in a compact place, and at the same time provides distance from one another.
  • Our office personnel and other non-essential employees are working from home.Our moving team will be the only ones on-site to perform moves.
  • Our foremen and movers will be constantly updated on COVID-19 news, especially those concerning their assigned areas, every morning.
  • We’ve formed enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure our offices and trucks remain clean. These include the disinfecting and sanitation of our equipment twice a day (mornings and evenings). We won’t be using reusable bins and used boxes during our moves.
  • We’ve equipped our onsite estimators and movers who will visit homes with boots, gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers.

Moving and COVID-19: You can still move!

We understand our client’s concerns and upon request and at no cost, we will postpone and reschedule services. There are no obligations for scheduling moves and clients can cancel at anytime. Just because we’re making measures to protect our selves from COVID-19 doesn’t mean we have to stop everything you want to do, including your move. As essential services, we moving companies want to take this opportunity to make sure we get everyone’s transportation needs met, regardless of nature and industry – be it for house moves, business moves, and even other essential matters. And if your local government allows us moving companies to operate in your area, you’re rest assured that we’re taking all the necessary precautions available to make sure your transportation and moving needs are met without any worries.

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