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Tips on Finding a Place to Live in Soho NYC

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Since we all know how competitive real estate is in NYC finding a place to live in Soho NYC can be challenging. Finding a great apartment that fits all your needs will require a lot of research and patience. Some tips and tricks can make everything much easier, and if you follow them you should be in your new Soho apartment in no time! Also, you will need reliable Soho movers so make sure to start looking for them as soon as you narrow the choice of your future homes! Then everything will be truly smooth!


Start your journey of finding a place to live in Soho NYC as early as possible

If you are looking for an apartment during spring and summer, it is best to start as soon as you can. We know it might look that is too early to start looking for a new apartment in Soho two months in advance – but it really isn’t. If you know that you want to move in the next two months – start looking at all those listings and properties in Soho. Start wondering around cast-iron buildings and cobblestone roads in search of your new dream apartment.

girl with a pet thinking aboutfinding a place to live in Soho NYC
It is important to start your search for a place to live in Soho NYC ASAP especially if you have pets

Of course, you don’t have to take the first place you see. Look around, learn more about Soho and see which part of it is the best for you. You will also get to learn how the prices are going, and you will have a much clearer image of your budget, including Manhattan residential movers. You will need help to relocate, so it is much better to include this in your budget from the start!

Define your budget

Once you know the prices of the apartments, you will know how much you will need to find a place to live in Soho NYC that fits all of your needs. As you probably know very well housing and the cost of living is much higher in NYC than in other cities in the US. Once you know how much money you can spend, you can narrow your search for a place to live in Soho NYC. There are ways to boost your budget but do not cut corners on important things.

Before finding a place to live in Soho NYC – learn more about it

Before moving to Soho you should do your research and visit Soho at least once. There are some things that you can only learn once you have been there and felt the whole atmosphere. First of all, Soho is located ‘South of Houston Street’ in lower Manhattan. Today, Soho is considered to be a shopping mecca. Here you will find chain stores, but also unique boutiques. Spas, home decor stores, salons, and art galleries – almost anything you might need. It will be useful once you get to your new home and start cleaning and decorating it. You will be able to find everything you need quickly.

moving truck on the street after finding a place to live in Soho NYC
Moving is a big change, so make sure you are prepared

Tourists love to visit Soho during the day and that can create a lot of noise. Nights are much calmer, and you can go for a walk or visit one of the many restaurants here. In Soho, you can find different kitchens – French, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Also, there are a lot of bars and lounges where you can spend your nights and weekends.

Make a list of what your apartment and building must have

We all have things that we can’t live without. So before finding a place to live in Soho NYC you need to decide what is really important to you. Do you have pets? Do you need an apartment that is pet-friendly? Maybe you need a doorman building? Or do you want to have central AC? Those are just some of the things that you need to determine. It will help you to narrow your choice and you will find an apartment in Soho in no time. Some people need an eat-in kitchen while others are looking for natural light.

Decide what is really important for you, and once you start visiting check your list. That way you will be able to check which criteria are met in your apartment. But, keep in mind that it is very hard to find a place that will fit all of your criteria, so you need to be ready to compromise. Choose what is really important, and you might be surprised when you find the perfect apartment that m maybe isn’t what you wanted but is exactly what you need to make your life better. Be ready to move on short notice as well once you find your dream apartment. It is not a bad idea to slowly start packing once you start searching for a place to live in Soho NYC.

It is time to start searching online for a place to live in Soho NYC

The best place to start searching for a Soho apartment is naturally online. A lot of people start visiting apartments that they like right away, but it is much better to start your search online. Start by looking at ads and pictures and narrowing down your choice in accordance with your budget and criteria. People will usually put the best pictures, so be careful with that. Take a closer look and make sure that the photos are real.

Once you narrow down your choice, start checking things around your desired apartment. What stores do you have nearby? Is it easy to reach the subway? Will local movers New York be able to relocate you with ease? It is important to have easy access to essential things, so check online maps. After that, you can start visiting those couple apartments that you like in Soho. You will be prepared and you will know what things to pay additional attention to.

Do you need a broker?

Apartment hunting can be challenging sometimes. Especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You spend the whole day or night working, and after that, you need to search for a place to live in Soho NYC. Not only you won’t have enough time but you will be tired and there is a great chance that you will miss something important. When you use a broker to help you with your search you are saving a lot of time and nerves. Keep in mind that they come with sometimes high prices, so make sure that you can afford to hire a broker within your budget.

roadway mover
Consider a broker fee as an additional cost into your budget for apartment hunting and moving

Also, it is important to know that a lot of landlords utilize brokers. That way they can find new tenants much easier. And even if you didn’t use a broker but you rent a place that did – you will still pay the broker’s fee. And if you want to avoid that you should look for no-fee listings in Soho. That way, you can save some money and use it for your search among moving companies Manhattan for the best one. Apartment hunting and moving can cost a lot of money, so it is important to start saving for it ASAP.

You need to have enough money for the deposit and fees

It would be great if you could rent an apartment in Soho by simply signing a lease. Renting an apartment is a little bit more than that. So let’s talk about basics. First of all, you will need the first month’s rent. But you will also need the security deposit. For a lot of landlords, this is non-negotiable. And then there is the application fee and possible brokers’ fee. So, it is very important to start saving money ASAP and stay within your budget.

Finding a place to live in Soho NYC can be easy, but you need to be careful

Although finding a place to live in Soho NYC can be easy, you really need to be careful. Once you start visiting apartments in Soho you need to pay attention to details. Check every room, check corners and make sure to ask all the questions that you need. Do not rent an apartment that requires a lot of work, since it can break your budget. Ask about mold, water pipes, and everything that might be an issue.

Avoid scams

If you want to avoid scams, you should do as much research as possible on your potential landlord. Websites like Rate My Landlord or Review My Landlord can be a great start. There you can see what other people think about them and everything, and it will help you to narrow down the search. Also, if you can’t meet with the landlord make sure to talk with them over the phone. Do not send them cash upfront, no matter what they say. And if you feel like your gut is telling you that something is off – listen to it. It is much wiser to continue to look for a place to live in Soho NYC than to end up being scammed.

What is the size of your desired apartment in Soho NYC?

While some people love to live in small apartments, others can’t. Depending on if you are moving alone, with a significant other, family, or a roommate you need to determine what is the size of the apartment that will fit all of your belongings. If you work from home and you don’t live alone you will need a two-bedroom apartment. Keep in mind that apartments in NYC, in general, are smaller and that the rent can be quite high for bigger places. You can always downsize and get rid of some things before moving, so you can rent a smaller apartment and pay less. Just make sure to follow your budget and your list of criteria for your desired apartment in Soho NYC.

Movers in the apartment
Depending on how many belongings you have and who is moving with you you should choose your new apartment in Soho

You can always get a short-term rental

Choosing your new home is a big decision. After all, you will be spending the next 2 or 3 years there, so it is only natural to feel uncertain. And if you are not finding the right fit – you might feel stressed and overwhelmed. In that case, it is much wiser to choose something short-term than to get something that you don’t like. It will take more moving around, but it might be much better in the long run. And don’t worry about the cost of moving, with Roadway Moving NYC you can get great deals and free moving quotes at any time. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, so you can choose a short-term rental and continue to look for a place to live in Soho NYC that will fit all of your needs.

When searching for a place to live in Soho NYC – make sure that your documents are ready

As you know, with the high demand for housing apartments can go fast. Especially during the spring and summer when people are moving the most. So, you need to make sure to have your documents ready. You will probably need 2 months of bank statements, the last 2 years of tax returns, 2 months of pay stubs, a letter of employment, a landlord reference letter, and of course scanned photo ID. It will take some time to gather all of this – so make sure to start as soon as you start searching for a place to live in Soho NYC. You might have to act quickly to get the apartment you like and having your documents ready can really make a difference.

Be ready to move

As mentioned before, it is wise to start slowly packing as soon as you start looking for a new place. You don’t have to pack anything big but you can start with the things that you don’t use on a daily basis. You can start gathering moving supplies since you will need them eventually. Find a moving company that you like and contact them. And of course, if you have kids start preparing them for relocation as well. They will need time to adjust, so the sooner you start the better. Finding a place to live in Soho NYC is a long journey. But if you start on time prepared – it can really be a great and exciting journey!






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