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Moving to a Smaller NYC Apartment: How to Downsize Efficiently

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Deciding to downsize is completely normal and most of the time pretty useful thing to do. Especially when you live in places like NYC where every spot is crowded and the lifestyle can be expensive. And while there are many other reasons for downsizing all you need to do is prepare on time and make it work. A lot of things depend on where exactly you live, as you will have to make a good plan and organize your inventory. Moving to a smaller NYC apartment will make your life much easier, and cheaper and you will love every single step of it. If you are a beginner there is a chance you may need some extra help from moving company NYC. Probably the best method that will help you keep tracking tasks is making a list. Here is how to do it efficiently!


Moving to a smaller NYC apartment

From the very start of this process, you will have to start multitasking. Focusing on a couple of areas at the same time can be difficult even for those who have great organizational skills. This is why it is very important you don’t do it on your own. There will always be a certain group of professionals that can help you with different tasks and you can also include your friends and family members. The more people you assign with tasks, the faster will things unfold. Apartment movers NYC can take care of the hardest part regarding your downsizing, like carrying and transporting furniture items.

movers loading boxes
Downsizing is a very good decision and movers can help you do it!

Your other tasks will include getting rid of the excess and preparing the new apartment for your arrival. You can have it with you all the time and follow the steps. This will help you stay on track and will save you huge amounts of time. Let’s take a look at some things you should focus on in those first days before moving to a smaller NYC apartment:

  • Prepare the items you want to get rid off
  • Make sure your new apartment is ready 
  • Start packing

Prepare the items you want to get rid off

Most of the time downsizing means you will not be able to take everything with you. And before you get emotional be sure to know that feeling that way is completely normal. Some of those items were probably with you for many years and giving them up will make you feel blue. On the other hand, the decision to downsize will bring you countless good things and you should embrace the change as soon as possible. Among others, these items can be old furniture, old clothes, or even books. Finding a good way to get rid of them is one of the most efficient ways to beat the moving blues so be creative.

These items can be a perfect goodbye gift for close friends or your family. You can even find a good charity organization in your area and make someone’s day. If none of these works then simply set up a sale. You will be able to get a certain income for them and you can use it for buying something new. 

people walking down the street
Living in NYC is full of adventures and new challenges!

Make sure your new apartment is ready

As you know by now, focusing on multiple tasks during this process is essential. Apart from packing and preparing your inventory make sure that your new apartment is ready. You may feel extremely anxious if upon arriving there is a messy apartment waiting for you. Try to pay a couple of visits to your new place before the moving-out day. This way you can check whether there is anything to be done there and if will you be able to settle in right away. Those who are moving with a partner or a family member they can help you go through this part of your relocation. They can be there once the movers arrive as well, and instruct them during unloading.

Having other people close to you will help you a lot while moving to a smaller NYC apartment. You can ask them to prepare an essential box before moving because that is something a lot of people forget due to being in a rush. 

Start packing on time when moving to a smaller NYC apartment

After you pack and set aside those items that you won’t be taking with you it will be time to start packing for real. A lot of people claim that packing has to be the most boring and exhausting process. Most of them decide to skip it and leave it to the moving company. If you are one of them, feel free to do it as you can become stressed really soon and lose the will to proceed. Start with packing one room at a time and make sure to set the boxes aside. You will need packing materials if you decide to pack on your own and it must include boxes in different sizes, tape, and markers for labeling.

On the other hand, if you never had an opportunity ti pack for a relocation you will need a comprehensive packing guide. Once you go through the most important parts of it, simply apply the rules to your household. If you have a big home, divide it into different sections and start with those rooms you use the least. 

movers taking out the boxes
You will have to get rid of some items so make sure you separate them on time!

Benefits of moving to a smaller NYC apartment

At any given time during your preparations, it may cross your mind that moving is not a good idea. Even though this is just you being tired or anxious, it is always good that you are aware of all benefits this relocation will bring. Many of us dream of having a huge home that we will share with people who are dear to us. Sometimes it is really a dream come true, but on other occasions, you may wish for something else. Downsizing is common among people whose kids move away with their families or those who wish to make some huge changes in their lives. You will find it much easier to work and focus on your habits when you don’t have a huge space to maintain. Downsizing will bring you the same peace and even more coziness that you will enjoy like never before.

It is good to know that you will still get to keep all the best things you used to have. No matter if that is a piece of furniture, a good habit, or anything else that will always remind you of your previous home. Speaking of that, if you have some fragile and delicate items you wish to take with you, they will need a special approach. White glove moving companies are the best solution and with their help, you will minimize all the risks of damaging them.

Common small apartment characteristics in NYC

If you never had a chance to visit some apartments in NYC, you surely saw at least dozens of them in movies and on television. The architecture of these apartments, especially in the suburbs is very unique and special. Expect to come across small apartments that are in row houses or buildings. There are many of them and the prices vary. Before you start searching make sure you know what area are you interested in, as the price will depend on that a lot. For example, expect to spend around $5.058 on rent in Manhattan and around $2.658 if you decide to live in Astoria. This means you must have a good and stable job s the prices are way higher than in other areas.

mover on the floor packing items
Don’t be worried about delicate items you have. Instead of leaving them, ask movers to properly pack and transport them!

But moving to a smaller NYC apartment doesn’t mean you must choose downtown You can find a beautiful home further from the city crowd and still experience all the wonders of this magical city. It turns out that in the end, it is your decision where exactly will you downsize. Be smart about it and always put your needs and priorities first. 

Renting vs. buying

One of the most common dilemmas is should you buy or rent an apartment in NYC. Some people spend a lot of time thinking this through which is not always a good idea. You should try to make a final decision as soon as possible as you will protect your budget and save a lot of time. Both of these options have pros and cons, and in the end, it all depends on your household and budget. Whatever your final choice is, you will have to make sure to receive a good and stable income. 

Renting is better for those who are not completely sure about living in NYC. Once you get a place you will pay rent for, it is easier to move to another one if you change your mind. Even though rents in NYC are pretty high, there is always a chance you will come across something good. 

person walking down the street
Downsizing is much easier if you provide all the details to your moving company!

Buying an apartment, on the other hand, shows that your decision is more serious. This requires more time, as the place you end up choosing will be your home for a long time. The best thing about buying is that you can change the place and decorate it the way you want. In time, you will find a nice place in your home for all those items you brought back from the old place and everything will turn out great. If you have some art pieces, ask fine art movers NYC to deal with them. These can be very fragile and the last thing you need is to damage them along the way. 

Meeting your new community

Downsizing doesn’t mean you will have fewer new friendships coming your way! After all, you will be living in New York City! Whatever area you choose expect to have a wonderful community by your side. As NYC is a place of diversity and all kinds of adventures, your neighbors could be from all around the world. For younger people, this will come as a very pleasant surprise for many reasons. At first, they could be silent for a couple of days but soon enough you will get some knocks on your door. If you decide to live in the suburbs expect a lot of noise both during the day and night.

Of course, that is a common thing in NYC and you will get used to it pretty soon. Since your new neighbors are probably from some other areas or even states, they can share some tips with you about how to get used to it faster.

Other things to know

Even if you come face to face with some challenges they will mostly regard your inventory. After all, downsizing is all about making different combinations that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Pay close attention to those items that can’t be easily packed and transported. This includes all kinds of equipment, instruments, etc. Remember that some moving companies offer all kinds of services, even for special items. Piano movers NYC will take excellent care of your precious musical instruments since they will give you a headache and a lot of stress if you start disassembling them on your own.

big Roadway truck representing the one you should be using when moving to a smaller NYC apartment
If moving to a smaller NYC apartment turns out to be difficult, always count on professionals to help you out!

Bottom line

It is interesting to know that many people who decided to downsize, actually never regretted the decision. Life is much simpler when you live in a smaller place that offers you comfort. Moving to a smaller NYC apartment will change your life, so try to get used to it from the very beginning. In case you lack space, valued storage NYC is the answer you are looking for. Your inventory will be in good hands, and once you are ready you can come and pick it up. Balance setting your inventory up and exploring the new area. As a result, you will blend in really fast, and soon enough start calling NYC your home. 

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